Monday, October 13, 2008

The "Fall" has begun

The leaves have begun to fall in our backyard. We have three gianormous trees on our property. These are trees that made the value of this house go up for me by about 10,000 dollars. That's how much I love trees surrounding my house. I distinctly remember telling my husband that part of why I didn't want to buy the brand new house we were looking at in North Valleys was because there are no trees in new neighborhoods. There is something about trees and the foilage they bring every fall that just makes my heart happy.
So I am sitting here in my living room, looking out my living room window right at the big tree whose colors are changing right before my eyes. Okay maybe not that quick but it seems with the crazy weather lately that they are changing quick. Something I tell my kids every fall is to pay attention to the trees everyday because before you know it the leaves will all be gone and so will all the colors.
I have described the autumn season before as God's natural fireworks. The colors explode in every tree and every year it's different. If you don't think we serve a creative God then you are sadly mistaken. 
Isaiah was so excited to see the leaves falling in the backyard that he first said, "Mom it's snowing" then he ran to the front of the house saying, "I am going to jump in the pile of leaves mom" but alas, the leaves on the tree in front have yet to fall. Weird. I told him that soon the leaves on the front tree would be falling but we have to wait until most have fallen off so we can make a huge pile to jump in.
I think I will jump in them this year!!


TPluckyT said...

You are such a fun mom. I think it is so commendable how you consistently creates little moments of pleasure that your children will remember forever.

Erica said...

it seems this year, the trees are turning color slower but I' sure when they turn everything will dump the next day.

Mature trees are something I enjoy immensely. There are on the top of the wish list with the next house :)

jami said...

how fun!

Jeni said...

Jumping in the leaves sounds like so much fun. I hope ya'll enjoy yourselves whenever your leaves fall!

Jen in Budapest said...

I had simiiar thoughts while running in the park across the street. So beautiful this changing of the leaves...:D

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