Monday, October 20, 2008

Re-visiting some old truths

I have recently decided to pick up the book, Love Acceptance and Forgiveness, by Jerry Cook again. In reading the first few pages I was again struck by how hard his words in this book are to do.  Here are some of the quotes that have thus far struck a chord with me ;

"Because we are accepted  in the Beloved, we must be accepting of the beloved. I can't give up on you till God does, and He won't! We're safe with God, and we've got to be safe with one another."
"Love means accepting people the way they are for Jesus' sake. Jesus hung around with sinners and if we're too holy to allow people to blow smoke in our faces, then we're holier than Jesus was. He didn't isolate himself in the synagogue. In fact, He mixed with sinners so much that the self-righteous got upset about it." (I love this about Jesus. Truly this is something about Him that attracts me to Him over and over. He was close friends with some that the church of his time wouldn't and didn't approve of )
"Remember you are not the Lord. None of us is to function as Lord in anybody's life, ever, under any circumstances. There's only one Lord, and that's Jesus Christ."

These were just from the first chapter. I am again reaffirmed and convicted at the same time. What a great book. Thanks for being ego centric enough to publish your own book Jerry :)

I think I will share my highlights or favorite quotes from each chapter just for fun and if you haven't read this book yet, you really need to.


laura said...

I love this book... and you're right, it is so convicting:) It's hard to live it out. But, I think Jerry Cook does a great job at bringing it "home" and making it feel attainable, like we really can do this:)
p.s. I walked right by the stage today, thought I might try to snap a pic of Bill... unfortunately Harry Reid was still talking, so I just kept on walking...

Erica said...

you perked my interest in reading this book. I think I might just have to. Really cool that he came to our church :)

SeƱor H said...

Good stuff Noel! I think that blog will inspire me to finish the book I'm on now to revisit those great and challenging books.

Jen in Budapest said...

Great stuff Noel. I love this!!! Having been around the lost for so long in Hungary, I'm relishing in the moments I go to these christian conferences and enjoy the presence of believers. Amazing because there is a balance, but I think most of us find ourselves turned around and not around people who are different from us. It's interesting for sure! Love you.

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