Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baseball Season

I am getting excited that the season for baseball is returning. This year will be a bit different for us in that we actually have a kid who wanted to play baseball. I think my enthusiasm might have worn off a bit on him. Anyway, we signed Solomon up today and I am so excited to see how he does, if he likes playing it rather than just watching, and what it is like to be the mom of a b-ball player. He going to look so stinking cute in uniform I can hardly wait. Is it too early to be thinking of Fenway in his future?? Hee hee hee.


laura said...

your kids are soooooooo cute! love em!

Jeni said...

And you'll post pictures of Sol in his baseball uniform? I'm sure it will be cute!

P.S. Go White Sox!

Ha ha ha ha!

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