Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer , Whoo hoo

The summer got off to a great start this morning as every one of my kiddos and even their Uncle all slept in. We all got up leisurely after 10 and then headed to the park to meet up with some friends. When we were there the kids caught some tadpoles that I was hesitant to let them keep but Emma was quite convincing when she said , "Mom I will get online and research exactly what they need to stay alive and then I will clean the house to buy them whatever they need and then ....." can you just hear the plea from this 9 year old girl with her sister and brothers right behind her cheering her articulate adult conversation on. I was overpowered by the forces that be and caved into allowing baby frogs in my house. Then she had the brilliant idea to make a lemonade stand to raise some money to "save the tadpoles" and well I have to admit that this kid is one smart cookie and when it comes to having a plan of action she has got it in the bag.
So here I sit and type while hearing every 5 seconds "Lemonade 25 cents!" This is a very busy street and they haven't even been at it for an hour and have already made 2 dollars wait I take that back someone just donated a dollar so 3 dollars in less then an half hour , I'm thinking if this works out well she might have just found herself her first job :) She can start saving for college now.


shontell said...

She is going to run a company some day. I hope you are ready for that :)

noel said...

i believe what you say to be true, what company she chooses to run someday now that is the real question at hand.

Jeni said...

I enjoyed reading this post again!

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