Sunday, June 03, 2007


So this picture was taken from our bedroom window in New Orleans. The one to the right is of me and my mom-in-law in front of a famous restaraunt and the other two are some silly pics , one is the Jesus bus that on the front read "Jesus is the first" and on the back read "and the last" it was covered with lots of interesting things but that quote just made me smile the way it was so appropriately placed on the front and back of the bus. Enjoy!


noel said...

okay so the first picture doesn't really go with the commentary but i think you all can figure it out!!

shontell said...

lol. You are such a blogging rookie. Doesn't that seem like a derogatory British term. lol. I am still so glad that you are home :D And I am glad that you had fun on your trip. We are trying to plan another honey getaway.

slogoin' vws said...

looks like you're doing a fine job picking glasses for BM!

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