Monday, June 25, 2007

Ready SETTY GO!!!

Ready ....Setty..... GO!!
That's what Isaiah says before he jumps off the couch or into the pool or pretty much get's ready to take on the world. "Ready , Setty, GO!!" This expression has been running through my head for a while now as some new things have been stirring in me and I just need to make the leap and get the ball rolling. For some reason though, I procrastinate when change is coming down the road I will wait til the very last second to make the changes or plan for the changes or pack for the trip or whatever. I know that this is the way I have been but what I don't know is , is this the way I always want to be? It reminds me of my hubbies mother and how she would wait til the plane was almost leaving the terminal before getting him to the airport because she just didn't want to say goodbye. They were literally the scene from Home Alone when everyone is running and rushing to catch the international flight and they forget the kid at home. I can't say that I blame her for waiting so long to get to the airport but the affect this had on Mo I don't think was all that good. So that's what brings me back to my own behavior in waiting to make changes until I am almost forced to make them. Is this good, is this bad, or should I just continue to be indifferent about it? I don't think that I can be indifferent about it anymore though because what I have realized is that this trait has trickled over into the way that I handle things with not just me, myself, and I but all other relationships are affected by my choices to wait, procrastinate, or otherwise do nothing. Some things have got to change in me. I know who to go to for help. I am equipped to handle these changes and now it's just time for me to say, "Ready, Setty, GO!!" and take the jump.


shontell said...

You could try a different take off mantra. This morning, Addison stood on my treadmill and yelled, "UP UP and Away!" It was incredibly random, but funny.

scoey-d said...

My thoughts on this: I've done all 3 - Indifferent, Reactive, & Proactive - found that Proactive allows the responsibility for me to be Mine, & not passed off on someone else, which is hugely important to seeing change happen & become a part of who I am & who God wants me to be.

Indifferent - I have found that if I'm indifferent, the reality of what I'm going through doesn't go away - it putrifies, it worsens.

Reactive - I'm putting out fires. Trying to play catch up. Lots of cleaning up messes, very little forward motion.

Proactive - who do I want to be? What changes/choices/actions do I need to take/un-take to get headed in that direction? Start now, even if its just a little bit.

noel said...

shontell- that mantra sounds like a good one as well.
louie- thank you for your own personal life experiences in this area. i have begun to take baby steps :)

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