Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baxter, A dog and his bone

Last night our new dog Baxter kept me up from about 1-4p. I would dose off in between his hyper adventures but not for long. He doesn't usually keep me up at night but last night the Giant brought home a GIANT bone for him from the grocery store, he could barely fit the bone in his mouth, and this dog went nutts. Literally, he is the kind of dog that can't just sit there with a bone and enjoy it he has to figure out where the best hiding place for the bone would be. So that's what he did, ALL night. From the backyard to the living room, to the bushes right outside our open window, to the pile of girls dolls on the floor. I finally had to put an end to it around 4:30a as he had woken up Emma and she was not happy. It really was funny now that it is over. I have never had a dog so obsessed with a bone. He is the typical dog I guess in that sense that once he gets a bone he has to bury it. Makes me wonder what we will find in our backyard someday if we ever try to change the landscape. And, guess where the hyper dog and his bone are now? Well, the bone is nowhere to be found but the dog is asleep right by my feet dreaming of big bones I am sure.

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shontell said...

lol. sorry friend. It has been fun getting to know our doggie as well. My kids think he sleeps to much, lol. I understand Moby completely. Keeping up with 5 kids is very tiring.

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