Sunday, August 28, 2005

Back to School, Back to School.....(Adam Sandler song)

I love back to school season . I love it because of the excitement of starting something new. To quote Anne with and E "Today is fresh with no mistakes in it". That's kinda what a new school year is like to me. I also love the shoppin of fresh paper, pencils,etc. I just love the whole thing. I wish I was the one who got to go but for now it is my lil ones that I get to live vicarously through.
So, the chillins (well half of mine) are headed back to school and well to only have two kids in the house as opposed to four is just wierd.
Maybe, I am the wierd one but I don't like it when they go back to school and leave me here all alone to mop the floors, do laundry, and dishes. Not that they helped with these chores at all but they were my excuse if these chores didn't get done, ahem...hope the giant isn't readin this and they also kept me company.
I much prefer playin with kids all day than the nasty household duties, I think that is why teaching quickly became the profession of choice for me and also why when all my kids are in school I too will get to go back as a teacher. Now, some would say that I am crazy and that hangin with children under the age of 5 IS work but to me it is fun,fun,and more fun. This has much to do with the way God wired me and not so much with the fact that there is work involved it just doesn't seem like it to me.
Not just being an excuse for my habits of house-cleanin, but I also miss them. Not, every day but most days. I will admit that some days school time is a very nice, much needed break but for the majority of days I truly miss the busy-ness they bring.
So, I asked my 7 year old if this year I could trade places with her. Smart girl, it didn't take her long to say "No, no,no, no" bummer!!!
So off they go makin memories without me. Now, if I was like my motha(boston accent) I would just say, "The shcual doesn't ouwn yu I doa yourwa stayin home with me today" I don't think the giant would allow this ,but I now see why she would let us play hookie from time to time and as disfunctional as that may have been it made me as a kid feel very loved.
Anyway, on the brighter side I now have more time to blog....I mean....clean my house!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bust a move burnt man

Reporting back on the events of burning man nieghbors. Apparently, this caravan commune is something we have to look forward to every year in our neighborhood. The RV's keep coming and let me tell ya it is some good fun, people watchin.

Today some people dropped off a young man right in front of our house. He had about 4 very full bags, one with the willey coyote peekin out of it, bright taxi yellow hair with a small red patch in the front and a grin that wouldn't quit. As I smiled at the whole enterage he said "This is light packin" hmmm... my giant didn't even pack that much to go to a foreign country. Whateva!!

So, I think they move the RV's periodically throughout the day and our neighbors backyard must be first come, first serve. It's quite full . The outside of his house has couches for lawn furniture and signs directing all the traffic.
When I took my kids for a walk the other day they were all very friendly. They keep coming and I am wondering how many more can fit down our street. At night the ones not directly parked outside his house move to the local shopping parking lots . I guess they either are trying to be considerate of us or they don't want the ticket.
I no longer think I need to go to this event, not that I thought I needed to before but now every year I have the priveledge of burning man people coming to me.
If any of you are up for some good people watchin you should come check it out. I am thinking the caravan to the big shin-dig should be any day now cause it looks like they have quite a few cities to build and inventions to set up. Don't know what we will do when they are gone. Guess we will just have to go back to watchin regular ol' tv. BORING!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

il mio gigante e domestico

Well, it was a long two weeks but alas... My giant is home. We are happy, healthy, and together. What more could you want. Life is good and I am thankful, so truly thankful to Jesus for all the countless prayers He answered while we were apart.
My heart was fond of this giant before he left but the absence...well let's just say it couldn't get any fonder!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Burning Man or Bust!!!

Ok so I feel compelled to write about the "goings on" down the street from me. I have a few sketchy neighbors but this one beats all!!

First things first, I have nothing against the occasional RV parked on the street especially in summertime. You don't think much of something like that ,but when there are about 4 to 5 of them and they are all old, run down, and painted very artistically ya start to think it might be time to walk on the other side of the street. Now, I have to mention that my neighbor I believe owns half of these and then the few extra have been showin up periodically throughout the week. I started to think that this might be a family's new living situation. Hey why not the city doesn't limit how many vehicles you can park all over your property(I adda know cause I have from time to time had quite a few VW's parked outside)But then today two indicators that this might be more than a new, cozy, humble home for my neighbor and all his friends and relations.
1. A sign that read "Burning man or Bust"
2. A nice (strange man) strollin down our street with a shoppin cart full of beer and toilet paper,that's all (first thing in the morning I might add)
3. Very interesting creations appearing around all these RV's
Ok so , I pretty much got it after #1's indicator but I thought I would add #2 and #3 for color and humor.
Well, I have been invited to go , but alas I think I might have to hold out and go to something a lil less strange(but not by much) BUG O RAMA in Sacremento.

Friday, August 19, 2005

sleep is a beautiful thing

Ok so pretty much like everyone else who got "left behind" I have not had a good nights sleep since August 9th, but for some strange reason the last two nights I have slept so great that I am begining to wonder. Maybe I have prayed everything there is to pray for those in Germany(probably not )or maybe JESUS thought I needed a few nights off. Dunno, but anyway I feel like a new woman.
We are in the final countdown to get those loved ones back home and my prayers are this;
-Lord continue to finish what you have started over there
-Cement the relationships so strong that they will in fact be extended family
-All details of the concert for Saturday under your care and guidance
-Open the eyes and ears of the German people to hear your voice
-Give boldness , courage , and wisdom to those who need more so they can do more
-Continue to provide good health, fruits of your spirit, and sweet sleep
-Continue to protect all families of these ones that are in Germany now and even when they return.
-Open our hearts here at home to recieve the fresh wind that will come as our loved ones return with new passion for you Jesus
-Safe safe travel
-Sweeet sleep
Jesus thank you for your continual protection and guidance. Thank you for answering these prayers and many more.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Run Forest...Run.....

Phone calls have suddenly become the highlight of my day. Everytime the phone rings I think that might be my giant calling from Germany and I run for the phone like Forest Gump! Normally, phone conversations are not my speciality. I don't get to leisurly talk on the phone at home anymore (i save most lengthy calls for my cell phone where all people are strapped in and accounted for)because there are usually 4 lil people who need my attention more than the person on the line. It turns out to be more frustrating than fun to talk for any length of time on the home phone ,so I let my 7 year old daughter who is aspiring to become a secretary answer, most all calls go through her now. BUT now that they might be from Germany we have both been jumpin and runnin to get to the phone and the race is usually still won by her but then I give her the look like hey, i am bigger give me that phone or someone might get hurt.
All this to say that I heard from my giant first thing this morning and it has made my day. To hear how God is answering every prayer that we are all prayin here makes me so full of joy. I am so thankful that even though Moses and all our loved ones are so far away we can still affect thier lives through our prayers.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Who let the DOGS OUT, who who??

The day began with a phone call from a very friendly neighbor asking if I was missing some dogs. I am always quick to say" No, I don't think so "and then realize that in fact yes I am missing some dogs. So then my inquisition begins "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?"who,who hee hee!!
Really, I mean we have a dog run for them, we have a fenced yard, and still they have managed to get out on two adventures in the last few weeks. The first one ended up being very expensive and we have thier mug shots to prove it, this one thankfully was interupted by a very kind citizen who I told thank you a million times over and said he made my day.
So now my thoughts go like this; why in the last few weeks always when Mo is away have my dogs been escaping and causing added stress at a time in life when I am maxed for stress slots.
1. Just a coincidence(I think not)
2. My gates are not working correctly and need to be fixed(Seem to work when Mo is home)
3. An attack in a very lame way to try to rob, kill, and destroy
I have no more stress slots available people, they have all been occupied and so then these occations have to find a home somewhere else like my frustration slots that I have empty in my brain. No frustrations here, nope never in a house full of 4 small humans who have to be taught on a momentary basis how to live life correctly on planet earth. Not a frustration to be found(My lame attempt at sarcasim)
I am releasing and selling all these nasty slots to Jesus who is more than capable when I am not. Strong when I am weak. Thank you Jesus that I am not alone.
Survey says the answer is number 3 but sorry no thieves allowed in my vita bella!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

SON follower

So I finally figured this bloggin stuff out. At first I was just a wanderer roamin through the streets or various other blogs, and then when I started to get pieved by others comments I thought I might throw my two-cents worth in.

(Where do phrases like that come from?) Two-cents worth? Hmm....

Anyway, I have thouroughly enjoyed everyone else's  insight and hopefully in the future I will have thoughts worth bloggin about.

One final thought, my favorite flower is the sunflower. Has been for years(even before it was so trendy) anyway I just found out few years ago that a true sunflower will follow the sun through out the day until it goes down. 
Did you know that about sun flowers?
Well, I want to be a SON follower. 
Keepin my eyes on Him thats what I am all about.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My First Post

Finally, I can expose my thoughts to the world and find out what people really think. I can hardly wait to hear all your comments about my ramblings.
For now all I have to say is "My sweethawt(boston accent there) is in Germany and well I miss him already.
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