Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ummm... did i mention my love for babies

My love for babies goes way back. When I was a teen I didn't have pictures of the latest heart throb hangin up around my room , no I had pictures of cute lil babies. When most girls my age were going out on friday nights I was usually babysitting.
It is not at all surprising that I grew up and had four babies of my own but now that the baby making dept in the Scofields home is closed for business, and now that my youngest baby is almost 2 (actually just turned one in july) but you get my point right??
Well, it got me thinking ... unless the Giant allows for an adoption I will soon be going through some major baby withdrawls.
Uh oh!! I don't think my obsession for these lil people is going anywhere so ..... I am looking forward to when I get to enjoy my family and friends brand new babies(no pressure Gina and Iz, Dave and Jami, Ben and Jessica) hee hee hee!! Really, take your time but umm.. if you ask Em to be your babysitter don't be surprised if her mom comes right along with her.


David said...

Babies are fags.

noel said...

oh yeah, i forgot to put you and kendra on my list. did i spell her name right??

digapigmy said...

david, i laughed out loud in the education computer lab. people are still looking at me. thanks for that.

JayBird said...

pay no attention to david, he's a silly little boy.

noel: adoption has always interested me. have you given it much thought?

wordpatch said...

You could do like I do and work in the nursey once in a while.

noel said...

jay- i actually got a bunch of info on adoption before zay was born. the packet we got was HUGE and the process seemed a bit more in depth than i had anticipated for the time, and then God had other plans(isaiah)
i have always thought adoption is one of THE most amazing things to do ever but it would have to be a direct order from THE man above and THE giant below in order for it to happen.
paula-i just might need to do that from time to time to get a good fix.

brokens17 said...

If you want to get talked into adopting you should talk to my parents. They will tell you.

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