Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Okay , I am going to attempt to communicate my thoughts about this holiday and all others in a way that is very encouraging and correct. Things I do not approve of about this holiday are as follows; intentions to frighten, tricks instead of treats, the gory over the top decorations, the witches,ghosts, and other monsters that are supposed to be ok for kids to be exposed to. These are the evil sides of this holiday that I am opposed to. I am sadened that there will be another side of this holiday that is about death and fear . Because of these traditions that the world promotes I will choose to do things differently with my kids. I do not however want to confuse my kids by telling them that cannot do something that I believe is perfectly fine for them to do. When I asked my 4year old son what he thinks Jesus thinks about Halloween he said "He thinks we should dress up in only good things , he likes good things, not bad things cause we don't believe in the bad things." Just today in my 5 year old daughter Chloe's class a boy wanted to play a game about ghosts and witches and she said, " I don't believe in witches, cause they like the devil." She told me she didn't play his game. WOW!! A light be it ever so small??
I don't think that everything about this holiday is bad and evil though.
Things I love about this holiday; imaginations,creativity,meeting new people and children, neighbors that are no longer strangers, the colors, the costumes,and of course the candy.
I truly do wonder what Jesus would do in this situation, and I have asked Him several times almost every year around this time, and if I ever get a different answer I will certainly obey.
Now, this brings me to one last point, and that is the calendar that Georgia had listed below her post. It also had alot of other holidays on there besides just Halloween(Christmas, Easter) in which the church of satan chooses to have an opposite celebration . If they choose to celebrate death, dying, and fear on that night why can't we as the church of the Living God celebrate life and life abundant. There is no greater joy or life abundant sound than that of children having fun and enjoying life. All the holidays are to me a time to celebrate the blessings and gifts that God abundantly gives. To remember on those days, as on everyday, who is the giver of every good and perfect gift, and to be truly thankful, and grateful for each one.
I understand completely why other families choose to celebrate differently and I think that is what makes the body of Christ so amazing. We all have different roles to play and choices to make.
I hope my heart was communicated correctly.
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debi said...

great job communicating. i agree that not all things of halloween are bad or evil. i am thankful our church is offering a alternate celebration for this night. our family chose a different way years ago & now it is a tradition.

TPluckyT said...

Well said, Noel. I agree it is about how it is approached and also a matter of one's own conviction. If anyone is interested, I think Romans 14 and 15 are excellent references for the treatment of this topic. Halloween is an excellent opportunity to express our love for one another by walking out our different points of view in a mutually encouraging way. This is made much easier at a Luau.

Noel, you mention that you wonder how Jesus would handle this? I like to think he would dress up as himself and play with the kids.

digapigmy said...

who are you?

i'm the Son of God.

you didn't even dress up.

i know.

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