Friday, October 14, 2005

Playin Hookie

Okay, what is the deal with half days?? I mean seriously. My girls had a half day at thier school today and well when you have one in Kindergarten and one in Second grade what is the point?? Drop off at 9am pick up 10:30 kindergartener and 12:50 Second grader. What??
Sorry, but in my book these are good days to play hookie.
Spoken truly like my motha!!!!!


SeƱor H said...

My mom never would have let me play hookey...not fair.

digapigmy said...

an hour and 40 minutes of school is retarded. unless you're the teacher.

noel said...

yup, that's what i am sayin! if i was the teacher of this kindergarten class i would be thankful for the mothers like me.

brokens17 said...

My mom would always sign absence slips for me so I could play hookey. Not going to class in high school made the decision to ditch class in college easier.

Maria said...

very true! i'm so unlucky! i still have to go to school on half days! lol! ba bye

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