Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nevada Day Parade

For years and years I have been attending the Nevada Day parade. Ever since I was a little girl sitting on the sidewalk, gorging myself with my big bag of trick or treat candy waiting ever so patiently for Bertha and Tina to pass by this has been a tradition that I now get to share with my lil ones.
My mom is the biggest fan of this event ,but over the years she no longer can force us to go, and surprisingly enough I am the only one out the five of us kids who sits by her side year after year. In fairness to my older sister Jenny who lives in L.A. I don't think I would by a ticket for this event either, but all others could attend if they wanted. To my dismay though they don't share the same joy over this event. I wonder why?? Now, Jeremy my youngest brother still has to go because he is only 13 and doesn't have the free will choice yet(poor guy) .
The Giant has been dragged along a few times (once pre marriage, once children and friends(thanks Jason and Alyse) who guilted him into going) but other than that he's not a big fan. My hopes are that one day he will join the bag-pipin Sierra Highlanders group and then he will have to go.

My friends over the years have relentlessly teased and laughed at me for going to this parade . One of them even wrote a poem in honor of Nevada Day Parade and the people who attend , but still my love for it doesn't waver.
Now, I know that there is no other day that you will see all of Nevada at it's finest. The parade entries range from churches evanlegizing and worshiping Jesus(ahem..was on one of those once or twice) to the Playboy bunnies from the Mustang Ranch. This is the finest people watchin event around for me and it doesn't get any better than this for diversety.
So today was yet again another great day for the parade. I shared my memories with my girls, baby, mom, dad, brother Jeremy,Uncle Jimmy, and Cousin Glen. We covered our ears as the guns went off, we laughed at the Shriners dressed as clowns, we ooh and awwwed at the Miss, Ms. and Mrs. Nevada's that went by and pretty much enjoyed ourselves throughly.
Who know's maybe by next year the main attraction will be my Giant in a kilt!!! Now that's a funny thought.


wordpatch said...

Wish we had been there. Be sure and let us know if the kilt thing happens. We spent the afternoon watching marching band competition at UNR. Both of us went willingly without having any children on the field playing insturments. Brought back lots of memories for us. We spent several years going to those things so that we could help get the students on the field ready to play. So nice to just sit back and watch.

Beckyboss said...

yep, it was pretty cool. I hate to admit that I love parades. Even though they're so corny and absurdly patriotic. still they make me a little gushy.

David said...

I think that Louie might have picture of me the last time I attended this event. Ask him if he still knows where it is; you won't be sorry.

digapigmy said...

i've never been. i've been to a parade at some point when i was younger, i think. that's about it. i'll exercise my patriotism at the ballot box where it actually matters.

David said...

Yeah, your one vote definitely matters. Who told you that, Puff Daddy?

Double D said...

I went to this parade with Kari and Dave...I had never been to it before...and you know its deffinately something that I plan on looking forward to attending for many years to come...or maybe not...maybe I'll hang out with Moses instead

digapigmy said...

do i need to e-mail you the Webster's definition of e-mail to go along with condescend, obi?

David said...

Uh, yeah. I guess so (Read in the voice of Butthead).

Jen said...

OK, Noel. In all fairness to Greg and Gina, even when I LIVED in Reno, I never went willingly. So, you're on your own for this one! ha ha!

Didn't Bertha die too? I mean, do the elephants even come out anymore? They're probably like "PLEASE PLEASE take me back to the jungles of Africa so I don't have to see this sad site of people gorging on holiday candy and taking in the whiffs of alcohol and throw up from the pavement. Sorry Noel. I've been scarred for life. But you and Mom enjoy!!! Love you

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