Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh for the love of the game!!!

So , tonight the giant is in the garage with the guys doing mechanics stuff, the kids are all in bed and I remember my dad telling me today on the phone who would be playing ball tonight, and that he thought it would be a good game.
Now, I am not nearly as interested cause niether my mom's team(bo sox) or my dad's team (angels) are in the series but I decide to check it out anyway.
I turn the game on and see that it's the Astros vs. Cardinals. Now, niether of these teams do anything for me so I start to think like a girl. Follow my thought process here.......well, bo sox beat the cardinals last year so maybe ya know maybe they should win, and I don't really care for anything texan(except my beloved friends who live there) although, the texans they've been good to all those Katrina victims, but they are already ahead 4 to 2 so I'm just gonna root for the underdog in this .....yes......the Cardinals.
Okay, I have established who I want to win but it's looking pretty bleak. The Astro fans are going wild as it enters the top of the 9th. The Cardinals aren't working with me as they keep getting up to the plate. Strike one, Strike two but at least we have a few men on deck so maybe....... and then one of the Cardinals left hand hitters takes the plate and right away I'm thinking this would be so great, come on, being partial to lefties seeing as I am one myself I think this guy is gonna hit one out , way out. First throw and its a strike cause he's gunning for it Second throw, and see ya later Astros the score is now 5 to 2 . Not even a fan of either teams and I still have a moment of yesssss!!!!
Now, I may not know names and stats, rules or even the right verbage but I do love baseball.
Something about how it all can change in the last moments is so great, and the fact that not every game is as exciting or dramatic but it could be. Ya never know!!


The Age said...

Great game I saw the whole thing unfold and the top of the ninth really was a shocking turn of events.

digapigmy said...

it was a great game. i watched it flipping between that and watching my office pool come crashing down around me (i had the rams +13 and total under 53 - looked good until the end of the third quarter).

baseball reminds me of the nba. i really couldn't care less until the last couple weeks of the season and playoff time . . .

JayBird said...

baseball fans are so cute. i'm not sure how you sit through it, but i gotta give ya credit. ;>)

Double D said...

I was one of the guys in the garage...but I had to leave to "take Chris home" knowing that I'd be home for the end of the game...which was worth it...Brent, Lakers in 6 over the Pistons this year

Jeni said...

You know, I usually don't like pro sports, but I get really excited when one of my teams is doing well. I think I might have to watch the World Series this year.

noel said...

jeni-there will be no promotion of any sox on this site other than the red soxs. plus anything from chicago other than cubs is just posers. hee hee hee

Double D said...

I like it when girls, who addmitingly have no clue about sports, try to fight about what team is better and what not...and when I say I like it, I mean I think its stupid

where were you tonight Noel??? ditchin youth I see

DenDen said...

I watched the Astros play their very 1st game in the Astrodome when I was 11 years old. I followed them for many, many, years. Tonight I brought Julian to youth group and sat in the other room listening to the Astros game on my radio (as I did so many nights as a kid).

I tried not to shout when they won.

noel said...

Cool Beans, it's all in good fun!!
Somebody's got to win and somebody's got to lose. Aww well.
Pete-D did you just call me stupid??
I'm offended.

digapigmy said...

pete, neither the lakers or the pistons will make the finals this year. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

den-den (aka really old guy) weren't they called the colt-.45's back then?

DenDen said...

diga (aka really rude guy)...right you are! They not only changed their name that year, but inaugurated the era of indoor baseball with the dome.

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