Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ghost of Easters Gone Past

Is that title sacrilegious ?
What does it even mean to be sacrilegious?
I suppose I would know if that title that I was just trying to be funny/cute with is sacrilegious if I knew what the heck the word sacrilegious even meant. 

Oh bother... I've already gotten off on a tangent and I haven't even started my real post here.
Let me reign this back in.

Easter Sunday has come and gone and I'm not quite sure how this happened.

1. Look how big my kids are?
B.  We were able to get the above picture with one click of the camera.
I know, impressive right?
All eyes facing forward and some pretty decent smiles on all the faces. 
I kind of had to take a step back and realize what a big moment that was.
The whole day I kept thinking this Easter feels so different, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was?
At first I thought well, it's our First Easter back in NV, so that must be it.
Then I thought, well maybe it's because we didn't dye any easter eggs, but to be quite honest the idea of a watery dye substance around kids has never been my fav, so we have skipped that tradish many times.
I thought maybe it's because I tried to stay on a budget and didn't buy any new outfits, no that wasn't it.
 And then I realized ...
My kids are so grown up now that the hussle and bussle of Easter Sunday morning, just wasn't present this year.
The chaos that once was my reality with 4 lils was no longer present.
They all got dressed on their own.
They all managed to keep chocolate stains from that damn bunny off their pretty Easter clothes!!
They all combed hair, brushed teeth and got out the door for church on time.
They even managed to give me that picture up there with one click.
When did it happen?
It seems like only yesterday that we were driving out to Papa Russ house, with 4 lils 6 and under and we turned around to see Solomon with green stains on his brand new white dress shirt. 
 A Green Jello Easter egg that he had been given at church was dripping out onto said white dress shirt for the past 5 miles.
But where was the Jello coming from you ask?
Oh, he had stuffed the Jello egg up his nose!
Gross and very hard to get Jello out of the nose.
Those kind of moments are long gone now, and this is why it felt so different to me on Sunday.
I'm used to chaos.
I'm used to busy.
I'm used to how lils do Easter Sunday morning. 
Because I know I only have so many more Easter Sunday mornings where I will wake to hear the squeals over a basket full of candy, I'm trying even harder than ever before to not sweat the small stuff.
There will only be a few more Easter Egg hunts.
Only a few more Chocolate Bunny Sundays.
I'm trying to take it all in and not miss a moment.
I'm trying to not get frustrated when my girls fight over clothing for the ba-zillionath time!
Or when my boys get dirty BEFORE the beloved picture is taken.
I'm keeping this scripture as a goal post in my mind;
 "Teach me to number my days, that I might gain a heart of wisdom."
Psalm 90:12
And I also feel like shouting from the rooftops
Also, I'm married to that Giant in the pink shirt so I'm pretty sure life will never be boring, even when my kids are grown and gone I have that cute guy to keep me company, and then of course my silly sweet sister Gina Bo Bean A!!
Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday
filled with love, life, and lots of laughs.



so grateful you had a blessed Easter

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Alexandra- thank you, I hope you did as well.

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