Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

As I look at the above photo of these beautiful young women whom I have known since they were  teeny tiny... I think about being 16 again.
I think about all the hopes and dreams that were in my heart at that stage in life and I wish I could have known some things that I know now.
So I'm going to write a letter to my 16 year old self in hopes that some young girls out there might benefit from what this almost 40 year old woman knows now. 

Dear Noël,

I would first just like to tell you that you are beautiful. You don't need to drink Slim Fast shakes to get skinny, and you don't need to be ashamed of your beauty or wear clothes to hide it. You are NOT fat!!
You and your mind, body, and soul are a gift. Your voice may be quiet, but it is being heard. People are paying attention to the life choices you are making. Without even saying a word you are making a difference. Don't grow tired or weary of doing what you know is right.
Your heart is sensitive and your prayers are building your future. God has you hidden right now that's why the cute boy down the hall that you have a crush on is not paying attention to you. But there will come a day when his head will turn and love will be awakened and you will see all these years that the Lover of your Soul has been perfecting that which you are concerned about. 

God has brought people into your life right now that will later become your family. Treasure them. Don't take their love and devotion for granted, and don't forget to tell them Thank You for being there for you.

Stop. Look. And pay attention to your Mom and Dad and your siblings that are still under one roof right now. This will not always be. Remember these are your life's BEST FRIENDS. Do the dishes for your mom, you have NO idea how much this will bless her. Thank your dad for working so hard to provide for his family, and thank him for all the countless times he picks you up and drops you off to work. Squeeze your brother Greg so hard with a Hug so big that he won't ever forget you LOVE him. Let your little sister Gina come in your room and do something fun with her so she too will remember that you LOVE her. 

As far as going off to college don't worry so much about how, and where you will go. These are things that are already figured out. Live in the NOW. Be in the moment and not so far off in the future that you forget what is really important. 

Those dates that you go on with Jesus, keep those up. HE loves these precious times with you, and you will not have as many opportunities to sneak away like that in your future. 

Have Fun, Be A Kid, and you should probably know that the moon doesn't just turn on. This will save you from some embarrassing moments ahead. 

It's all going to be O.K. 
You really can Trust in God for all of this and SO, so, so much more.

Your almost 40 year old self


Jen Simms said...

Oh sister, absolutely LOVE this. Especially the bit about beauty and not drinking slim fasts....oh and dates with Jesus and the fact that the moon doesn't just turn on...Totally forgot about that one!! HA HA!!! I LOVE that!! xoxoxoxoxo Love you.

shontell said...

Love it. I wanted to comment when I first read this, but the NyQuil was still controlling me.

The Rainy Day Writer said...

Hi Jen- Yes, I blame those shakes for my gallbladder getting all jacked up, silly girl ! Thank you for reading. LOVE you xo
Shontelley- you crack me up!

No(dot dot)el said...

That was Emma's comment up there , dunno why the girl doesn't log in on her own computer. Ugh.

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