Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Today begins the first day of Lent for 2014. 
Those of you who are Catholic need no explanation, but for those that are not let me explain why I celebrate this thing called Lent.
When I was younger, being raised in a  traditionally Catholic home, Lent was always about something that you gave up for a really long time, and then Jesus comes alive and you get to have said thing back in your life again.

Now as an adult, I've come to appreciate Lent in a whole different light.
I now know that Jesus is ALIVE all year thru, and very much a part of my life. So it's not so much about taking away something that you really love only to get it back in 6 weeks and celebrate, with no true change.

To me Lent is the Spring cleaning of the soul.
It's a time to move some furniture around and sweep out the cobwebs of your heart. 

I look at this time that is 6 weeks out from Easter, and I ask myself these questions;

What have you allowed in your life that has taken the place of God
What are your idols ?

What can you clean, purge, fast from that will remind you that you are NOT it's slave?

How could you be a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister, human being?

And after answering some of these questions I pray.
I pray and ask God to really lead and direct me in a way that will bring a more purposeful way of life. 
I no longer celebrate the season of Lent because I have to.
I don't do it to look like a better Christ-follower or like get brownie points from God.
(There are no such things by the way)

No, I approach the Lent season a little differently. 
With freedom in my heart, 
I know that only God and his amazing grace has allowed for me to be a part of this awesome thing called Christianity, and that by no means could I ever achieve salvation through giving up sugar, or coffee, or television.

I'm grateful that I have the freedom to participate Lent, 
and that I have the perspective that I do about it. 
I wait with hopeful expectation for good things to come from every Lent season.
I take the time to thank God for the little things that come my way during this time.
The things I would otherwise take for granted. 
The things I pray and ask God for during this time are not quickly forgotten.
And when Easter Sunday morning comes I really do feel like the living room of my soul is de-cluttered, dust free, and ready for hosting, the Lover of My Soul. 

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