Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music is Music

I read this article the other day on one of my favorite websites . 
It was a little Q and A with Gungor ,
and I wanted to stand up in my living room and shout...
Go read it and check back with me. 
Ok are you back?
Gungor who has written one of my all time favorite songs (lyrically speaking) or what
some might call it a "worship" song said some pretty bad ass things in this article.
Oh, and
We will get back to why I put the word worship in air quotes. 
Yes I was doing air quotes just now, didn't you notice?
Also if you are new here, and don't like my cussing just know that I put a disclaimer in my "About ME" section.
Also, also I don't use air quotes that often, but I love me some explanation marks !!!!!!~!
So Gungor says,
"Christians are people. Music cannot be Christian or not Christian any more than it can be the color purple or not. 
Music is Music."
AND well I have to agree with my friend Gungor. 
This is a conversation that I have had many times over with friends and family, but mostly with my Giant. It's not a conversation that I would have with my non-church going friends cause they would just really think I'd completely gone off my rocker, but anyone who has been in evangelical church circles for a while or like ... since I was a teen knows this is a hot topic for me. 
I seriously remember a time of getting rid of all my "secular" music when I first became a Christ follower. 
I'm pretty sure that it was the trendy thing to do at the time and I don't regret it... well maybe that one album from George Michael (wink wink), but I do think now that it was a bit extreme. 
My Giant ... well he used to be a non- church goin friend. 
He loves to point out why we, by we I mean people who are Christians, like to make this distinction not only about "Secular" or "Christian Music" but why we call certain songs "Worship Songs" or even why we call the music time at church "Worship"? 
Have you ever asked these questions?
He says, that for him "Worship time" is his least favorite time at church.
He just doesn't connect to God in that way.
He can appreciate some of the lyrics, but worship songs are not his favorite.
He likes old hymns but the rest of it... He could leave it , NOT take it.
It took me a loooooooooong time to be okay with that, because I LOVE
that time at church. 
I feel so close to God when I'm singing his praises, but that's because I'm a singer.
You already knew that didn't you?
But thank the Lord we are not all the same.
Different strokes for different folks. 
It's what makes the world go round.
Like my friend Gungor here.
I'm not really his friend you know?
I mean I think we could be friends cause I whole heartedly agreed with this article, but yea... ok moving on.
Well, I really loved what Gungor had to say about it, 
It doesn't hurt that I really like Gungor.
His name is fun to say Gungor. 
Say it.. go ahead you know you want to.
Oh and while you are on your way out if you haven't heard Gungor's music here's a lil snippit of one of my favorite "worship" songs.
Ha ha ha ;)
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