Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Where's the Beef and What's your Beef?

Does anyone recognize this cute lil old lady? She is the gramma for all those Where's the Beef commercials that Wendy's put out in the 80's or was it the 90's? Well, and she is my comedy relief today as I tell you about all the beefs I have been having with life lately. And, No I wasn't eating at Wendy's.

I'm noticing a trend lately in my life, I seem to be having a beef with everyone and everything. Can you say irritable anyone? Seriously, it has made me wonder if I am pre-menopausal. I keep asking God to help mellow me out, but I'm thinking I just wish they made a happy pill, so I could take like 100 of them and call it a day!! Let me give you a few examples of the beefs I am referring to;

So,I don't consider myself to be one that has road rage, but recently I have had a few real bleepity bleep drivers enter my pathway. No biggie, right? Everyone has jerk driver issues sometimes right? Especially, when you live in a big city.Well, the other morning this BMW driver cut in front of me ever so abruptly on our busy street here and then the funny part is(or the not so funny part) he ended up being a parent at my kids school.

What? What? Uh - huh! Needless to say, I was glaring at the back of his skull so fiercely I could have burned a hole right through it. As he drove in he proceeded to the drop off zone at which point he then GOT OUT OF HIS CAR (sorry for yelling but you needed to feel the shock and awe that I was experiencing at this point). It was to get his kids backpack out of the trunk and then button up his child's coat ever so slowly and THEN give the longest hug a parent could ever give... Fer real... It was like hugging was an Olympic sport or like he was never gonna see the kid again. Now I'm all for parent love and affection but there is a place for this. It's called a parking spot. SO ... clearly this guy didn't know about the "code" of the drop off zone. I mean call me crazy, but I think the words " drop off zone" should have given him a clue. Or maybe this sign ...

So here's my beef with this guy, not only was a he a grade A royal A%% hole driver but then he didn't even have the decency to pull in a parking spot to give his long farewell to his child. No, instead he made the long line of cars behind him wait while he was in the drop off zone. 

Ok.. Moving on

I received a letter of "concern" from the elementary school that my children attend. It was regarding how many days of being absent that my youngest Zed head, had. Which, I would like to point out is under 10. Ahem... ok, here's my beef with this one being at school when you are well is great, but what this letter conveyed was "send your kids to school whether they are sick and dying or healthy and happy we just want your money" This letter really bothered me. The more I thought about it the more hot and bothered I became. So, I decided to go talk to the principal. The more I thought about the principal the less bothered I became because I know her. I feel as though knowing and being known by your kids principal is a very important goal to have in all parenting careers, but that's a topic for another day. So the more I thought about our meeting I began to have some Holy Spirit led good self talk that went like this, Noël why are you going to see Melissa you know she didn't personally put out those letters and she probably feels the same way you do about them. They are a district mandated letter you know this.  

Still, I went to go see her and our conversation went something like this ;
"hi Melissa how are you?"
"great noël how are you "
" great I really just have a quick question for you about the letter I received regarding Isaiah's absences ?" 

At which point she rolled her eyes because she already knew what I was going to say.

At which point I felt like doing a Homer Simpson Doh!!

But I said... "the first thing i just want to ask is do you send those letters out as a school district mandate or are they a personal letter that the faculty here has come up with?"

Right away she put my heart at ease by laughing and saying, they were without a doubt a school district mandate and that she had even received one herself for her own child.

Whew... ok so then I was on to the next beef I had.

And so on and so forth. And are you catching the common thread here? 
The common thread is that I HAVE ISSUES!! I'm working on them, but sometimes just typing them out helps me to realize how silly I am and also why people resort to taking happy pills at this point in life. That's a joke, kinda, sorta. 

Oh and also I read this;
"Understand this my beloved brethren(or sisterthen)Let every man or woman be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to take offense, (or a beef,) or get angry. James 1:19

Double OUCH!!

The End... Pray for me and my issues... And thank you for this therapy session, the check is in the mail and.... have I told you lately how beloved you are? I have NO beef with you beloved reader, none what so ever.

I'm linking up here today cause clearly that's where I need to be;

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Bernadette Veenstra said...

I am so with you. My foray into a 3rd world isn't going the greatest, and its partly because my hostess is driving me nuts. I am trying to fit into her schedule which is totally messing with my kids' and my life rhythm. Pray that I will get per my issues too.

shontell said...

Maybe your peace will come by hanging out at the school district office a week or so with the quip "I feel concerned over how you are …" and fill in the blank with whatever they are doing. Example" I am concerned with how you are using that white out." "I am concerned with the number of papers stacke on your desk" "I am concerned at the amount of times you leave to go to the bathroom". Then, when these people are irritated, calmly say "so. What you are saying is you want me to leave you alone to do your job how you see fit?" And then kindly pass their letter of concern right back, and say "back atcha sis".

No(dot dot)el said...

@Bernadette - that is frustrating for sure when your whole schedule and home situation gets turned upside down. I will pray for you. Thanks for not letting me feel alone in my issues.

@ Shontell argh... that would be ... well down right sucky! Sorry friend. thanks for not letting me hang out here all alone with all these beefs ; ) ha ha ha I knew you would appreciate that.

Kendra Pahukoa said...

oh, i like this because i can relate. i was having some major beef with things too in january. i ended up blaming it on january. now im here in february and feelin better. maybe it's february-(blame it on february) :)
hugs to you girl and listen, you are awesome! period!

Lucy T said...

Just stumbled onto your blog, but this post made me think of mine and my son's conversation yesterday. He got in the car after school complaining about his day. When I asked what bad had happened all he could come up with was they had to stay inside at recess and we were now having to go to the store (Where they gave him a free cookie from the bakery). It made me wonder how many times my complaints or bad days are really just nothing. (I totally feel you about the drop off/pick up zone code. That drives me bonkers when parents are clueless there.)

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