Monday, February 04, 2013

From One Taxi Cab Driver to Another

Good Monday Morning Beloved Readers,
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Today though...

I would like to go down on record as the mom who warns all of you younger moms about something that no one ever told me about.
And that is that once your lils get into double digits something very strange happens to your life.
You no longer live in a home but rather out of your car.

Do you think I'm joking?
Well, I kid you NOT.
Ask anyone who has children in double digits how often they are in the car on a weekly basis, and then ask them if this has changed since their children were younger?

So, let it go on record that you heard it here first,
having double digit children = living out of your car.
You can now add Taxi Cab Driving to your list of careers. 

Now, I would not just leave you with this bomb shell of information without some helpful tips.
Some of these things you may already know or currently have in your car, but just in case you don't, let me help you out.
First off, keep pens and pencils handy because children of this age are always needing you to sign something. It used to be that I kept a good amount of pacifiers at the ready, well now I just replaced that spot with pens. All kinds of pens, because they often get snagged for homework and come in handy when you are reading your "go to book" and need to underline where you left off.

Which brings me to survival tip Number two- Always have a "go to book" waiting in the car. At this season in your life you find that you wait outside for events, and other functions quite a bit so in all that waiting, even if you do have your smart phone and can check your email sometimes it's just nice to pass the time waiting with a good go to book. It can't be a book that is hard to get back into. It has to be one that you can leave at a moments notice and pick right back up again a few minutes later. I usually go to the Sweet Potato Queens for this book because they make me laugh, and because they are easy to leave when I need to go on to the next event.

*(But, I must warn you about the Queens you might have to wash your eyes out after reading some of their stuff cause those ladies can be naughty.. funny, but naughty. I should point out a disclaimer here, if you do find your eyes knee deep in a Queens book  I would like to say I don't whole heartedly agree, or advocate what they say. They just make me LOL... so don't judge)

Speaking of the next event, you may have noticed by now that you will be in the car for some time, and you might get hungry so that brings me to  C.  keep a good stash of snacks handy.  I find that pickle flavored sunflower seeds are my favorite, and granola bars are the kids favs. The reason I like the seeds are that they are not high in calorie, but helpful in making you feel like you are doing something with your hands when you are waiting at the lights. Oh the endless waiting. The eternal red lights!!
Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. You will go from one place to the next just to wait some more. The scenery will change but the action will not. Do I sound bitter? I'm really not. I have come to terms with waiting. I think me and waiting are on a first name basis. Mr. Patience and I have a pretty good relationship, but every now and then I like to show him who's boss and get the first cup of coffee before the coffee pot is done pouring. I just get right in there with my cup and say, "Yeah... take that Mr. Patience!!" Ok moving on...

The final note of advice I have for you rookie Taxi Cab Drivers is to keep the essentials well stocked, lotion, wipes, kleenex, chapstick, and sometimes even nail polish. Ahem... yes fixing the chipped nail look can be done with this job sometimes... ya know multi taskers unite!!
And beyond that I would only advise that you keep your Playlist OH SO happy!!
and remember that all this busy means you have healthy, happy children who are able to go from here to there and that my friends is something to smile about.
Your fuel tank bill.... not so much.

Don't forget who told you first. 

I would love to know if you other taxi cab driving mom's have some tips for me that I didn't list here?



Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Great post! I would suggest adding a pillow and a blanket. dual purpouse, here. My babies usually wanted to sleep on the way home from late ball games. I could nap while waiting for them! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Anonymous said...

OH! Don't I know this SO well. Mine are 15, 10, and 5. I also keep an extra iPod charger for the little one just in case his dies! We never leave home with our iPad and like you, I keep wipes, hairbrushes, combs, extra change and cash, pens, and a very small homemade first aid kit!

shontell said...

Also. Snacks and those tiny bottles of water. Also. A blanket for the cold months, a pad of paper and extra pencils for to do lists, audio books, and gum.

No(dot dot)el said...

@Marci that is a very good idea. Going to implement that one right away.
@Sara Beth glad to know I'm not alone out there. Chargers are always an issue in this house too. Seems we can never have enough of those. And the first aid kit, thanks for the reminder to replenish ;)
@Shontell- Yep, lots of water and gum is a MUST for this coffee breath momma.

Victor said...

This is cool!

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