Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dieting, Puppies, and Other MoNoSco Updates

A funny thing happens when you go on a diet.
Food just becomes a tool, rather than something you enjoy.
To some extent life changes entirely and I find myself getting kind of depressed.
This of course makes me realize how much food and drink(can't forget the drink) has become somewhat of an idol in my life.
The diet I am on is extreme, and I would tell you the name but... the only reason I am not sharing it with you is because I don't want that to become the topic of our conversation, but needless to say, it is limited what I can and cannot eat... BUT it's working!

Having a puppy in the house after several years of not having a baby of some sort has made me realize how selfish we all are.
Barley( our new Yellow Lab pup) has pushed us all to the brink of exhaustion.
He is so high energy that even our Jack Russell, Bella (supposedly the most hyper dog around) is wiped out and tired of him by the end of the day!
Still, in the end he brings me so much joy, as does Bella and well Joy is a rare commodity these days!
Those 4 legged friends sure are something, can't quite put my finger on what, but they are SOMETHING all right!

We had a communion moment at church last Sunday.
It started out bad and painful, but I hope ended up good and memorable.
We came home and let all 4 of our kids watch Passion of the Christ.
We of course edited quite a bit and actually only showed them bits and pieces.
This movie still makes me bawl like a baby.
Jesus without a doubt is SO AMAZING!
I know it made a lasting impression because they are still asking me questions.

We, Monosco are still having moments,
sometimes whole days ...
where we are wondering what the H E ..double hockey sticks we are doing in Washington??
But today when the sun is shining and we recently got to visit with a good old friend that feels like family I feel happy to be here.

I miss my mom.
Can you at 36 years old still miss your mom?
Is that legal?

Well, even though the sun is out this cabin has turned into an icebox.
I must go start a fire now to cozy things up in here.
Sure wish I was having this conversation face to face with those of you that might read and comment on this.
If we were, I would have already put the coffee pot on and the smell would be divine because...
Raven's Brew is what I am brewing these days. If you haven't had this brand of coffee go out... RIGHT NOW and get some.
It is Divine!

One more final thought and then I really am going to go , okay maybe two
I am reading;
Fiction-Salamander by Thomas Wharton
Non- Fiction-Follow Me to Freedom by Shane Claiborne and John Perkins
both great books so that alone makes me happy to have good books waiting for me late at night.

and really here it is my final thought...
New All Time Favorite Tea
Stash brand Licorice Spice, it's like dessert in a cup


shontell said...

See me raising my hand? It means I am volunteering to sit in your ice box under quilts with delicious coffee in my mug. Bring it. I hate diets. I will pray for you. I prefer to add the good than insist that I take out the bad. 'Cause really, the bad is JUST.SO.GOOOOOOD!!

noel said...

True, True Friend. That is a good way to live. Thinking about you and our last talk, praying.
Oh what I would give to have you in my living room with a cup o joe in hand, just shooting the breeze. That is such a weird saying don't ya think?

shontell said...

Also bagel schmere. it's gross and ew and I will not eat it.

noel said...

Yes for sure bagel schmere :)

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