Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life is in the Details

There are two camps in life, those that are detail-oriented, and those who are not.
Can something really be that black and white?
Really only two camps?
Okay, maybe three, but for the sake of my little post here just indulge me on this.
I used to be of the camp that didn't care too much about most details.
I used to also think that being an overly detailed person meant that you were kinda anal, and that this was not a good thing to be.
I no longer think this way.

Life is in the details.
Not just some details but every detail is important.
Like when given a menu with so many choices on it, I used to quickly read it over instead of reading the description or details of every menu item. It would overwhelm me sometimes to see all those choices and descriptions.
I thought it took too much time to read them all, and in the end I usually just went with what I knew I would like, rather than take the time to find out if I might like something new.
This in turn has made me become a very boring person where food and appetite are concerned.

Recently, I have had the very scary experience of realizing that God is in the details.
I say scary because it is a very a frightening awareness to realize that the God of the universe is very much aware of every detail of YOUR little life.
It is scary, not like in a horror movie scary, but like a fear that causes you to realize just how little you know of the universe that surrounds you.
Fear like that of an awe-awakening experience that makes you want to know more.
Awe-inspiring, fear, captivating, yet scary at the same time.

It's not like I didn't know this before.
It just makes me want to be more like this now.
I want to be concerned about the details.
I want to take the time to figure out what little details I can change in my life.
Especially if it will help make someone else's life better, or even just my own.

God is so detailed about every aspect of our lives.
He cares about the smallest details and of course the big ones as well.

Being detail-oriented means you have taken a little extra time to really care about something.
So whether you are of the "naturally detail-oriented camp", or the "not so much details" camp
I would just like to say that details are important.
Details matter, some more than others of course.

Life really is, lived out in the Details.

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