Thursday, February 10, 2011

I resolve to regain my voice

I am sitting here on a Thursday morning alone in this cabin in the woods.
The air is cool but the sun is out (one of my all time favorites on the weather wheel) and it's shining through all these wonderful windows.
I have candles burning and smelling up the place like cinnamon and vanilla.
I have coffee in my cup and I am listening to some of my favorite musicians.

The stars have all aligned and given me this day to myself.

A day off.
How will I spend it?
What to do with all this free time?
Well, I have laundry going.
The house is clean.
The dogs have been walked.
Now what?

Well... usually time to myself gives me time to think.
I don't get much alone time to think.
Thinking is good.
Pondering is good.
I am relishing in my moments this morning to think and ponder.

I am thinking about a lot.
Last year at this time I had declared a month of love notes.
Some of you might remember my constant posting on FB, love quotes.
Looking back I now realize that to tell all the people I love, how much I truly love them it would take much longer than a month of love notes.
Still, that was a really special month last year because I realized that often times in life we don't tell people how much we truly love and appreciate them.
It stretched me to do that little self-imposed exercise.
It also made me realize how much I love writing.

I love expressing myself in written word.

So this day that I have to myself what did I turn to first.

In a recent conversation with a new friend she asked if being a Preschool teacher was something that I was passionate about?
I told her that yes, on a good day!
I do love to teach little people.
Little people are amazing and they are truly my most favorite people to hang out with.
Still, I feel teaching is like an old trusted friend that I can fall back on anytime I want.
And I don't know if that means I am passionate or not about it, but that's how I feel about it right now.

But writing.....
Well, if I were to choose a career that I could transition out of teaching and explore more fully it would be writing.
I attempted to write some children's books, and well in the move those have taken a back seat.
Still they call to me every once in a while in a quiet moment like this I remember that, that is something I really do want to pursue.
I currently live in a place that would make it quite easy to actively pursue this dream of writing.
My time to think and ponder has now come to an end.
The laundry bell has rung.
Thanks for listening.


Shontell said...

OH how I wish you would write!! I have 19 chapters of one book finished. That's a lot of chapters. And about 4 chapters of another. Sigh. Stinking responsibilities.

noel said...

Keep up the good work Shontelly! I believe in you. I will let you know how my latest adventure goes with the editor here.
WOW 19 chapters that's like more than half way there!

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