Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NO JOKE .....

Back To School Shopping for 4 kids

144 No. 2 Pencils
10 Pink Pearl Erasers(which the town of Redmond has a shortage of)
8 boxes of kleenex
20 glue sticks
4 bottle of Hand Sanitizer
48 crayons or 2 boxes
4 packs of colored pencils
4 scissors
6 red correcting pens (don't teachers use these, I am a teacher and I have to buy my own supplies)
23 notebooks
35 personal folders
2 gallon size Ziploc bags (boys only, I have 2)
2 sandwich size Ziploc bags (girls only, I have 2)
1 very expensive calculator
4 binders all specific sizes (had to search high and low for a 2" binder, what the crap!!)
3 pencil plastic boxes
Disinfectant wipes
Diaper wipes , REALLY ? !!

I haven't even gotten half way through but you get the idea....

1 bottle of wine (instead of the useless, but ever so funny EASY button from STAPLES)

I was tempted to buy the button instead of the bottle but it was more expensive.

Oh and Mom, in case you are reading this I LOVE YOU and thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this 5 times over!

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