Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Day

Caffiene 6am
‎7am bus drop off,
8:30 bus drop off,
work by 8:45 off by 1,
Thrift Store drop off,
Oil Change,
Pick up Em early 2p,
Dr-well check for Em to play sports 2:40,
Caffiene 3:30

pick up from bus stop 3:45 appx 5 kids +1 Jr Higher already in tow,
drop off 2 kids that don't belong to me 5:45,
Hubby gets home... pass the baton to go shopping and get Em ready for above sports that start tomorrow,
Caffiene 6:30
back to school Curriculum night for Elementary kids in my house 7p,
Home by 8 ish....
Some minor dental work on Isaiah's front top tooth,
I'd say it was a busy day but the more likely comment these days would be... Welcome to my World!

And What a Beautiful World It Is!!

1 comment:

Emma Faith said...

Sorry but that kid at the end is just too cute for words. It just had to be said, even if it is my own blog :) I make myself laugh.

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