Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh Green How I Love Thee, let me count the ways...

It is greener than green here right now.

So many colors of green that some of them don't even register on my color scale.

Have I mentioned before how much I love the color green?
My favorite color used to be red. Red is really still a favorite, but my most favorite color these days has got to be green. How appropriate that this Christmas child's favorite colors would be Red and Green. Funny side note, for my High School Graduation my mom and dad dressed in Red and Green for me. I so wish I had a scanner so I could show this classic picture of Greg and Ellen sporting red and green for this x-mas child. It was pretty great.

When asked by my friend what my favorite part of moving to Washington has been I said, The Green. Without a doubt this State that is known for being the "Evergreen State" really is beyond Green in more ways than one.

And Green is a popular color right now, but then come to think of it, it has been a popular color for quite some time.

Kermit the Frog was wrong. "It's not easy being green" he sang, and I would have to say it is really easy to be green. I wear green all the time and it's totally easy. (Big Smile) Totally easy to wear green.

Now to be "Green with Envy" that's a different story. That is not easy at all and I would argue, it could make one's insides get all tied up in knots if not careful with that kind of green.

"Going Green" has got to be the most popular term that the color green is getting attention for right now. This recent fascination with green really makes me laugh sometimes. Such a trendy thing that really has been around for quite a while, only it was called "being a Hippie" before it got main streamed and marketed.

I am glad that "Going Green" is so popular and I hope it proves to be not just a trend but a life long change that we all get behind. I mean after all it really is worth it to do what we can to keep this earth as beautiful as possible for as long as we possibly can. If you believe in the myths that surround the year 2012 then it might not be much longer that you have to keep up the appearance of "Going Green"!

The pictures are all here on 180th Ave in Redmond. Taken just this morning as I was walking around enjoying my freedom of being a Stay at Home Mom for just a few more days.

For those not on FB, I go back to teaching this Wednesday, at a great little school called Life Preschool in West Seattle. I am going to miss my quiet mornings here with the green, but all good things must come to end... or not. Glad the green is going to be around a while.


slogoin' vws said...

last i heard you were living in washington state, do these tropical looking flowers in your yard?

noel said...

Tasha YES. They are wild native flower bush for this area and they are everywhere. All different amazing colors. Emma got a gorgeous pic of another one today. I can't wait for you to come and see. This is a AMAZING time of year. Everything is bursting and so beautiful.
I LOVE IT HERE! Just miss you a whole lot! I need to call you soon for an update talk. I want to hear all about Hawaii. And I am working again. Mo is home. I got an awesome full time job team Teaching Pre K class.

Brandy said...

Thank you for linking up with me! This is a cute post on "Going Green" that was not really about going green...funny!! Have a great day!

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