Wednesday, April 07, 2010

High Lights and Low Lights

In our family almost every night we have what's called "high light and low light" time. This is where we share what was the high light of our days and what was the low point in our days. SO here you have our high light and low lights of the Scofield's Spring Break 2010

Some high lights from our Spring Break-

My mom and sister Jenny finally getting to come see where I have been living these past several months.

Surprise visit from Dan and daughter Shane( who like a typical princess Shane left her fuzzy pink slipper behind)

Mom and Dad's renewal of vows in celebration of their 40 years of marriage.

Watching Brother Jeremy in the Wizard of Oz performance.

My niece Savannah calling Uncle Moses "Your Prince"

Two Easter egg hunts for the kids: One organized and carried out by sister Gina despite the Tornado like winds and the other by New friends in Seattle in Ms Sue's backyard.

Snow in Carson City.

Playing, Talking, Visiting with all friends and family in Reno, Sparks, and Carson City.

Seeing the Gore family not once but twice in the span of one week.

Some Low Lights from our Spring Break

Having to leave Moses behind to work and slave away at a job that doesn't deserve him.

Driving through the snow to get back home.

When my niece Savy started to cry when we drove away, dagger through my heart !!

Coming home to 20 plus loads of laundry.

Having to say good bye. I don't like good bye's.


Limes said...

For some time (months? years?) I did "rose and thorn" with Jasmine and Jason. They hated it. I loved it. Every now and again we bring up this old tradition, and Jasmine always talks about how much she hated it. Maybe we should do it at dinner on Saturday just to annoy her.

Not that I'm a parent who would intentionally annoy her children.

noel said...

Priya- that is great. YES we should definitely reenact this tradition on Saturday, because I am that kind of parent :)
No really I think if you were to ask my kids I bet that the oldest is now at the age where she doesn't really like our high/low light tradition but Isaiah LOVES it. He is the one that reminds us all to do it every night.

I like your name for it better though. Much more creative.

slogoin' vws said...

i think you should have left with us on that friday morning.

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