Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mom, The Month of MAY, and My new Theme for this Month

I almost lost it in the card isle in the grocery store the other day. I was looking for Mother's day cards and this year I decided to send them to not only the 3 mothers I have; Mom Ellen, Momma Nash, and Mom B., but also to some other mother's in my life.

So, basically I went nutts, and spent way too much money on cards, but .... shhh please don't tell on me for this. I am keeping with my LOVE theme that I set out to do in the month of February. I don't know if you caught that blog but I said that I wanted to write one person a day in the month of February to tell them how much I love them and well, there are just more people than that calendar month provided for me to tell how much I love so I decided in February to make the month of May be a special theme month for me as well.

I know I am a dork who LOVES words probably wayyy too much.

I know to most of you it might just be a silly thing, but for me it has been therapeutic to tell the people I love, that I LOVE them.

I know there should be an award for cheese-ball of the year that could be given to people for things such as this.


It is the John Mayer song "Say What you NEED to Say" kind of thing for me that is happening here.

So May is the "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight Oh Lord" month! WOW! Sheesh, that was a long one. I thought of this though the other day when I read this in THE BOOK. I thought, I am pretty sure those words, the words that The Lord would accept, would be those of sincere and genuine heart felt LOVE.

You can now award me with the Cheese-Ball of the year award, but go right ahead! Won't even bug me a bit, because you know what? Chances are if you are reading this blog I probably love you too! SO THERE.

The pictures are of just SOME of the amazing mother's in my life. Enjoy.


Plucky said...

I'm reading your blog! :-)

I miss you and your intriguing man and your wonderful kids . . .

I hope your Mother's Day month is a wonderful one . . .

Jen's World said...

super super cute, Noel!! I love it. I don't care if we're all cheese :) Can't wait for you to get your Mom's day card from Moah. I had a lot of good laughs picking it out :) Let me know when you get it. I LOVE YOU SIS. And HAPPY MOMS DAY...YOU'RE AWESOME.

noel said...

Tim- I am honored.

He misses you.

Kids prolly don't miss you as much as they miss your kids and well... I miss you and Sue too.

Thank you, I am sure it will be. Having a 12 year daughter who plans well in advance for things such as this, has kinda of given me a clue that it will be awesome, I am sure!

I know you will be spoiling Sue but tell her from me that she ROCKS and I love and miss her!

Jen- glad you liked my cheese ball ness.
Ohh goodie now I can't wait.


noel said...

Don't know why I said Jen twice!

noel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bean said...

i want to know whose comment you deleted Noelly? well i know we are almost to the next mothers day but i am just now reading this blog and i feel so honored that you are my sister! i love to get your words of mamma wisdom because you my dear are an outstanding, superb, fantistico mammazita! and one day your kids will truly understand just how fabulous of a motha they have!

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