Monday, April 19, 2010

I've Wasted Too Much Time...

On caring about what other people think.

On my stupid pride.

On placing expectations on myself that neither my beloved family has for me nor my friends have ever thought of having for me.

On places instead of feelings.

On looking at the size of my pants, shirts, or for that matter scales in general.

On things instead of people.

On places I didn't really want to be, but stayed for some sort of obligation.

On feelings instead of truth.

On debates about theology, religion, and church.

On being "right".

On life in general without MUSIC, ART, CREATIVITY, and what makes MY HEART SING.

On the couch instead of on the road.

On NOT caring about what REALLY matters.

On looking for the big events and in the process missing the everyday little "big" events.

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