Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Tasha

Living Room from the view of coming out of the bedrooms with a quick running Isaiah and Bella right behind him.

Our Room with a very messy closet but note the red painted wall and vw coming out of it. All the vw's cars are hung up around our room like that.

Another one of our room, see if you can find a gift you gave us long ago. I love my new quilt got it at a yard sale $10 and it's VELVET!!

Living room looking into the two bedroom doors which are over by the green hutch.

Another view of the living room.

Living Room playing guitar hero with friend John.

Above the kitchen sink

Living room again we change the couches around all the time. They were both Ikea purchases and the brown one is a queen size mattress just right for some visitors, hint hint...

Girls room with pretty Miss Lo-sters showing off

Hope it gives a better idea of the inside and now back to the outside which is really why we are here :)


shontell said...

Your couch and your wall above your sink are my favorites. sigh. loverly.

noel said...

Thanks Shontelly. The couch is my all time fav too. It was my Ikea choice and although, Mo has tired of it already and is getting sick of the busy on it, I LOVE IT!!

slogoin' vws said...

i feel so completely special that i've got my own post! for me, with my name on it...i now have a better idea of what's going on with you inside the place...i realize that it's utterly gorgeous outside...i do have to agree with shontell...that couch is so dang sweet! you have to have fun with such a big change of space...! sorry it's taken me so long to find this...our computer took a poop and with my new job, there's not time to be fooling around and/or i shouldn't be fooling around anyway, i need to be learning new things. i love your place and nice way to incorporate the vw love. i'm hugging you guys!

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