Monday, January 18, 2010

My Fantastic 4

For some reason after Christmas and when our kids return back to school in the new year I start thinking of what lies ahead in the new school year. This year we will have two kids in double digits. This year we will have all of our 4 kids in full time school. This year we will have a Jr. Higher. This year the numbers go back to even 12,10,8,6. I like even better than odd. The odd years have been odd. For some strange reason my fantastic 4 have been extra bickery (not a real word, but one that should describe that constant sound that siblings make when they don't stop bickering with each other). Still, despite all the bickering I am grateful for these fantastic 4 because my life would be boring without them. Not entirely boring because I did marry an over the top entertainer in My Giant, but still life would be less full.
I am thankful for Emma's ability to write songs.
I am thankful for Chloe's ability to pay attention to details and organize any area she comes across.
I am thankful for Solomon's ability to make something out of nothing.
I am thankful for Isaiah's ability to make me smile no matter what the situation.

I will spend the rest of my life in awe and study of these 4 and I am grateful for who they are, who they will be, and what a joy they have been.


Plucky said...

4 beautiful blessings . . . You've only been gone a short while and yet they seem to be changing so quickly . . .

noel said...

Kids are the greatest signs of exactly how much time has gone by. They change so quickly and so much.

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