Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Great White Ninja

He's Fast
He's Furious
He's hardly ever seen with human eye.
He's The Great White Ninja- aka Isaiah

Me " Isaiah what are you doing with your mask there buddy?"
Isaiah " Don't talk to the great White Ninja" he says with a monotone voice, sounding almost like Napoleon Dynamite is finally rubbing off (Yes!!)
Me "What did you say?"
Isaiah " Don't mess with the Great White Ninja" still with the mask covering up his whole face.
Me " Oh okay"

Maybe it was a moment only funny to me cause I am his mom or one of those you just had to be there moments, but hopefully you get the idea and get to LOL as well.


shontell said...

ahahahah what a clown.

noel said...

yep, i think so.

ashto said...

i want to see more pics of the place...that couch and the ceiling!

again, not ashton...

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