Thursday, October 15, 2009


* So I am pretty sure when your dog attacks another persons dog causing $500 worth of damages the proper response would be to apologize profusely and offer to pay for any damages.
Apparently my dog attackers owners didn't get that memo. They just cussed me out for the second time just because I asked if they removed the dog yet. If my children were not there within ear shot... I would have had some choice words for them as well.

* Also don't you think if a dog has only been living in a neighborhood for a month and there have already been two attacks that should be enough for Animal Control to step in and stop this vicious animal. Again, apparently Animal Control didn't get that memo either.

* One more final thought on the matter. Do you think the solution to this monster of a dog is to place it in a home with little children running all over and then just hope and pray for the best? Well.... that would be what these women think is the solution to this scenario.
What is the saying; "The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top on that one" yep, that would be appropriate in regards to these idiots who are placing there whole family in danger for the sake of a four legged monster of a dog!!

The icing on the cake to this scenario is that I get to see these lovely women/dog owners every school day until I move because our children go to the same school.
Needless to say, this is now one reason I am happy I am moving!!


Erica said...

bummer!. vicious dogs are scary and an accident ready to happen.

Jeni said...

Jerks. I know of 4 other people that this sort of thing has happened to in the last year-- and each time animal control did nothing. Most people are NOT responsible pet owners. If they were, they would recognize that certain breeds just shouldn't be pets.

noel said...

Erica- it's really true. the visions of how vicious that dogs face was just won't leave me. I just keeping thinking of the sweet little faces of the very little kids in the home. so scary.

Jeni- wow really? 4 others? AGREED! that breed should be extinct, no doubt.

shontell said...

Sorry you have to deal with this friend. I love you more than butter.

noel said...

Wow, Shontelly- that's a whole lot. I love butta so much, you know it's what makes all good foods better!!

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