Monday, October 19, 2009

7 Days

To Do List:

Finish packing closet
Finish packing shoes
Pack underneath sinks in the house
Move as many boxes out to the garage as possible
Call Lockes about table


Drop off at Savers
Put some stuff on CraigsList
Paper due tomorrow
Get ahead on quizzes for the move
Store run for plastic tubs


Make Appointment for Bella to get stitches out and cone head off :)
Take Bella to said appointment
Get medical records from Dr. Zucker's office, find out if he knows a pediatrician as amazing as he is in WA
Get thank you cards/gifts for kids teachers
Transfer wireless internet to WA so it's there for online classes when I arrive


Finish packing kitchen
Use and eat as much food as possible
Shut off Electricity, Garbage, Water, Internet, and box up cable stuff
Reserve U Haul Truck
Call Gores


Pack up pantry
Pack up Fridge
Pack up Lamps we are still using
Pack up Toiletries and Towels still using
Pack up Jackets, Sweaters, Hats, Scarfs- still using

Travel bags for 6 people
Clean and make ready the Fordster
Figure out what my kids are going to dress up like for Halloween and get costumes
Maintain a sense of normalcy and composure so as not to frighten the children with my holiday costume this year;
Frantic Mom moving 700 miles away from the only home she has ever known

Whoops, I forgot to BREATHE in there somewhere I just know it!!


David said...

This post almost gave me a panic attack.

I'm still Jenny From The Block said...

And somehow, it will all get done! Whew. Even the breathing part. :)

BABS said...

I'm taking ten deep breaths right now in your honor...I, too, like David, am almost having a panic attack!

Erica said... head is spinning

slogoin' vws said...

please also sleep and take a moment to yourself during all this havoc!

Andre' Gore said...

It will all work out. No worries. And if some stuff does not get is all good. (; Yes, Breathe and call the Gore's lol....

Jeni said...

Still here if you need any help this week.

noel said...

About more than half my list... DONE and the 7 days aren't even up. Feeling good.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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