Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Update and Some Late night Ramblings

So here I sit after countless hours of unpacking and work work, school work, driving, kids school work, traffic, more traffic (did I mention the traffic up here?) and I am finally able to update my blog. What a whirlwind this adventure of moving 700+ miles has been. I still feel like I am on vacation, even though I have a job and my kids are in school it still feels as though at some point I will have to head back to Nevada.
I was telling Moses the other day that I honestly believed that although I have always loved the Northwest area I didn't ever think I would get to live here until I was an old lady and not even able to enjoy it. I now realize how silly that was to think that way. He thought I still had some kind of weird leftover Catholic guilt that wouldn't allow for me to be happy.
I can honestly say that although this cabin is ever so humble there is no place like home.
It feels like home to me.
It's not because the surroundings are familiar, they aren't. Let me give you a list here of the unfamiliar things; It's wet. It's green. It's wet and green two things Nevada was not. There are so many trees and plants, and things growing around me that I am in utter amazement about. Our neighbor has plants growing on their roof, on the ROOF people!! Oh and it rains a lot. Did I mention that? Seems silly to mention that as being something that is unfamiliar but have you ever tried driving in the rain in lots of traffic, that is something a person has to ease into. There is a little water creek that runs outside my front door. The sound of running water makes me want to do two things, go pee and take a deep breath. Let me also mention the unfamiliar aspects of this cabin. Pitched roof and windows everywhere, beautiful but my home decor is not so much for this kind of house. We gave away almost every piece of furniture we owned so even that is unfamiliar(except our Bed-thanks be to Jesus and the Judy's that feels familiar) No dishwasher, garbage disposal because we are on a septic tank.
No, nothing here is familiar... still it feels like home.
I think it has more to do with the fact that I have dreamed of this being a reality for so long that now that it is a reality it seems vaguely familiar. Does that make sense?
I was talking to a longtime friend the other day about moving up here and she reminded me that I talked about moving up here so long ago but that back then I would say, "God won't ever let me go there. I will probably dry up and die in this desert" When I heard her say this it made me feel kind of silly for thinking like that. God doesn't make us do things like stay in a state we don't really want to live in, we do that to ourselves. And it wasn't really that I chose the state as much as the people. Despite the fact that the people were not easy to walk away from the state that I was in however was.
So here's to moving out of whatever state(whether it physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional) you are in, and not blaming God for your own choices to live out YOUR truth.


shontell said...

YAY for your update. I wrote an ode to the Scofields on my blog a while ago. I posted pics from the party. Smooch.

noel said...

I know I left you a comment. Did you get it? THanks you made me tear up with that one. The pics were awesome. Thank you so much for doing that for us Shontelly and for just being who you are.
I got your msg and I am going to try and call soon so we can chat via real time. Love you.

slogoin' vws said...

so i can't wait to see more pics! we miss you and it's weird cause we really didn't see you much but we knew you were there...easily accessible...now you're not there...boo-hoo! i'm glad you're happy, i knew you'd be!

Becka said...

WELCOME TO THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST!!! Isn't it just so GORGEOUS up here? I remember visiting my sis who went to college up here thinking it was so foreign from Nevada, so glorious. I, too, thought I would never end up here, but I fell in love with Portland when I was 16, vowed to move here one day, and God made it happen when I was 26. Just a decade later.


I'm a lifer. I'm never leaving. Going back to Nevada this summer for a death in the family was surreal. Like a barren moonscape. No offense to those who live in the CCNV area, but it was seriously a little strange for me not to have the luscious trees and greenery around me.

I was so relieved to come back home, lemme tell ya.

Irony is, NV gave me a love for Westerns. Love to read 'em, love to write 'em, but don't love to live 'em, I guess. :P


noel said...

Becka- thank you for the warm welcome on here. I do love it here so much. I miss my friends and family something fierce though, but the scenery sure does help soften that blow.

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