Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Things I know for sure

Some things I know for sure-

I have found myself to be a person in process and I am okay with that.
I am no longer the person I once was when I started walking with Jesus 20 years ago.
I have not forgotten the wonderful things He has done for me in my life nor will I ever forget.
There is a passion still there to learn more about Him.
There is no where else I could go to find the Love that He brings.
He has a beauty that is beyond compare.
His way is the best way.
His character is one that has proven to be so unlike that of human nature.
This is what still intrigues me.
This is what I pursue.
He is what really matters.
I have realized some interesting things along the way though.
Things about humans that I wish weren't true but alas they are.
It's not about what a person speaks but rather what they do.
It doesn't matter if you say you are a follower if you don't follow.
You are not a leader without followers.
No one can speak to my heart and change it better than He.
People tend to take for granted what they are given freely.
Human- is a race that feels entitled.
Gifts are given freely from no one other than Jesus.
No one can take from you the gifts that God gives.
There is nothing better in life to pursue than Love and God is LOVE.

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