Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ramirez and Ortiz

There will always be a special place in my heart for these two boys and one other Johnny Damon who brought the Red Sox to the play offs in 2003.
It makes me sad however in recent news to hear that they both have been in the press for alledgedly using drugs to enhance their abilities as ball players. Nothing of course has been proven about Ortiz but Ramirez being suspended in May, even if for another team, was a bit sad to me.
I am not sure how I feel about the use of steroids mostly because I am not that knowledable about what exactly it does to a person. I do however know that it's not something they are allowed to do when in contract with these ball clubs and that should be enough for them to not do it, right?


laura said...

are you ready to be super jealous???
I will be at fenway in about a week and a half, watching them play in person:)

David said...

This is not something that is alleged. Ortiz admitted to it today.

But I don't think this taints the championship of 2004 because the whole sport was full of people doing it.

Sad for the sport, but not surprising anymore.

noel said...

laura- super jealous.

david yes, i posted this before the final story was out i guess it was getting there though.
what a bummer. i am still not sure what i think. he is my most favorite ball player of all time. i just love the big papi.

digapigmy said...

you can still like him. since you don't have to actually deal with his womanly breasts, shrunken genitals, or mood swings just enjoy the championships and know that in an era of cheaters, they were better than most.

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