Friday, July 10, 2009

Brody the Bishop

I have been working on a series of children's books since last year. It has taken a long time to get the perfect artist. I have been through 3 other artists before landing the greatest female artist Natalie Rose Heifner. She has finished the pages of artwork that we need to submit this project and I am getting nervous now.
I am of course hopefully optimistic about it all, but still there are some nerves involved there.

Will they say yes and and sign me finally after all this time?

It remains to be seen whether this will be the artistic adventure of mine that will finally come to pass.

Here's to Hoping!!


shontell said...

They will! I just know it. God is going to bless you guys BIG with this book series. It's going to be huge, and you are going to be your kids' hero!

shontell said...

I realize I already posted on here, but I wanted to tell you, I went to a book signing today of a local fire fighter for his first book. I was SO excited thinking about you and your book and how great great GREAT it is going to be.

Plucky said...

You rock Noel . . . Just having the courage to try is so commendable and an inspiration . . .

I too am excited for you!

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