Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Project

It never ceases to amaze me how my hubby can just take a project and run with it. We were having lots o fun at all the Reno Art Town stuff when I came upon a booth selling hair accessories. I have been checking online for some flower hair accessories to go with my fifties style dress(borrowed from none other than Mrs. Heifner). This ensemble will be for a photo shoot that is for our VW clubs calendar(more on that later). Anyway, needless to say the flowers that I had seen online were quite expensive so when I found a booth this weekend selling these pretties I was so excited and bought one right away. Soon after my purchase my new found excitement was met with even more excitement when my ultra talented hubby Mo took one look at what I bought, and said what I have heard him say countless times before... "I can make that" and he did.
Now I have a flower accessory for every outfit, and some for my friends as well.
The one I bought from the art fair has already broken and so of course my genius husband saw that coming and made these new hair "pretties" to be much more functional.
So I am pretty much set and once again so impressed by my boy.


shontell said...

LOVERLY!! I have been calling you like a stalker. Your home phone is still a bust, so CALL ME CALL ME!! and YAY!! BRODY BISHOP!!

noel said...

SOrry, I will call you right now.

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