Monday, April 20, 2009

Solomon and the saga of the Earth worm

Solomon came in from pulling weeds today with a face so sad I thought he was going to cry. He said, "Mom, I killed a worm." It took everything within me to not bust out laughing over how distraught he was over this but, somehow I knew in my mommy knower this was one of those moments that was going to be a teachable one. He then proceeded to tell me that as he was pulling weeds he saw a worm. He said he dug around it trying to get it out but then when he pulled to get the rest of the worm out it broke. Can you say Ewwww!! He then went on to say that the worms are the protectors of the earth. I am assuming that he is getting this information from either his teachers at school or his dad who is also very bug and insect friendly. I told him of course this is misinformation and that God in fact is the protector of the earth. He created all the creatures and insects to work together perfectly and He is still in control.
So at this point he was crying and I said, "Sol they don't have a brain, or even any eyes. It's not bad because you didn't mean to kill it and although they play an important part to the echo system I think the world will still turn with one less worm on it."
After I got on the internet to show him how many worms are made in a day and that all my facts were correct I was feeling pretty good about my wonderful mothering skills and how I helped my sweet son feel better about this situation and taught him something in the process. I even felt there was somewhat of a spiritual lesson that I slyly snuck in there. So after I was feeling so good about my serious mama  skills he said, "I think why it made me cry is because it looked so gross"
"Oh,.... Oh is that all." 

I guess my mommy knower is a little off these days.


Plucky said...

Awesome story and awesome mommying. You rock mommy!

One time a drew a picture of the solar system for Coral. I labeled the sun "Coral" and the planets after her mom, dad, sister, friends.

Then I sat her down to teach her a lesson . . . I explained that she was like the sun in that she expected the rest of us to revolve around her wants and needs.

Her reply?

"Cool Dad! Can I have this picture?"

She hung it up in her room and I hung my head in defeat . . . :-)

Jeni said...

Poor Sol! I'm sure that tearing a worm in half was traumatizing no matter what the reason. And you still taught him something, right? So your mommy knower is just fine! :)

shontell said...

AHAHAHAHAAAAA Visuals take too much time for kids. Especially the self absorbed ones. I have five of them today. I love kids. Seriously, great stories.

Erica said...

you are a great mommy, Noel.

Don't tell Sol, but I cut a earthworm in half accidentally yesterday while weeding and when Morgan saw it, I just said, "look, Morgan a baby worm."

your son is precious :)

noel said...

thanks tim- now i don't feel so bad.
jeni- it really was traumatizing. i don't think he will quickly forget it.
shontell- you have 5 of them today....wait? don't you have 5 everyday??? i'm confused.
erica- thanks you are an awesome momma and i will not be telling sol about anymore dying worms.

digapigmy said...

Don't you just make 2 earthworms if you cut an earthworm in half?

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