Saturday, April 18, 2009


I like the idea of just BEING. Not having an agenda. Not having a watch to keep track of. Not having any pressing appointments to keep. I can very easily slip into this mode of just BEING versus the mode of work and always having something pressing, pushing, waiting, doing, doing, and doing some more.
I think I could have been a nun except that I like sex. (Random, I know but I just had to go there) There is a joke about why nun's are named nun's but I digress :)
I also like to talk and so that too might have been a problem in the nun department.
They do however spend a good portion of their day just being. They grow vegetables. They pray. They cook, clean, and read. So aside from the not having sex and the talking oh and I also love my kids so that wouldn't have worked either. Oh, and I like being a part of the society not isolated from it.  Okay so I couldn't have been a nun but work with me here.
Thinking about living this life of Just Being in the midst of so much busy is a hard problem to figure out. I think God had some very good original ideas about it all though. A Sabbath is very important. A day to be just because. He knew we needed this day. We needed a day to remind ourselves of what is most important in this short time that we are here.
As the summer approaches I get very excited because I know that this is a good chunk of time that is given to reminding my children,  that being is just as important as doing. 
I would like to get to a place where I still follow this way of life that has been set before me. Somehow in the last year I lost sight of that. Seeing this in action recently made me realize how off track I  had become. 
There is another part of this just being that I also want more of and that is living my life without regret or apologies. I want to be at a place where I don't feel bad or even bothered for being different from the majority around me. I am not there yet either but even more than the day of Just Being I want everyday inside my soul to be at rest more than it has been before. 
I have grown and changed this past year in a way that has taught me a lot.  There are so many important lessons that came out of this very difficult year but probably the most important one that I don't ever want to forget is the one about BEING.
Being real.
Being present.
Being silent.
Being ready.
Being loud.
Being funny.
Being serious.
Being lazy.
Being happy.
Being sad. 
Being angry.
Being tired.
Being crazy.


shontell said...

welcome home. You forgot Being in Reno as one of your important things. Being in Reno is great. The kids and I planted flowers today. LOTS. And not, they are pouting upstairs because they won't stop bickering. awesome.

noel said...

thanks friend. it is great to be in reno. truly i would take it over texas any day.
the sky is blue, the tornados are not coming, and we don't have to have bugs the size of animals as an okay state of existence.
can't wait to catch up with you for the girls weekend.

Plucky said...

I like this . . . I'm a crummy relaxer . . .

Sometimes just "being" for me means being on Xanax . . .

Erica said...

great blog, Noel. I hear you when you wrote about not having to apology for who you are. I'm not there yet but so wish I was. I enjoy you're outlook on life and especially how you make a conscious effort to "being" with your kids during the summer :)

allie said...

I love your blog. It is a window to your soul. And that is a lot coming from me because I hate blogs..typically. :) Love ya!

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