Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Super Powers and Isaiah

Isaiah is convinced that he has super powers.
Seriously the boy thinks he can fly.
He thinks that he can talk to strangers and not get hurt, of this he told me today while reading Little Red Riding hood and we all know the point of that story is to warn kids not to talk to strangers. Well, this little boy doesn't seem to think that the big, bad wolf would harm him because he has super powers.
He doesn't need to sleep , eat, or do anything that would be known as good for him because "He has super powers"
It's like this;
ME- Isaiah eat  your lunch
Z- I don't need to eat lunch mom I have super powers
ME- Isaiah don't jump off of that
Z- I can mom because I have super powers

Last week he was on top of the tree house and I said, "Isaiah don't jump off of there again or you will get a timeout"  To which he said, "Mom you are just saying that because you just don't want me to waste any of my super powers, right?"
Well, I laughed. 
Wouldn't you? (Note to upcoming parents never let 'em see you laugh or it's all over.)
Ever since then though I have noticed he has not only been given an inch with that laugh it's gone well over a mile now.
Well, I need to figure out a creative way to let this kid know that his powers are going to be gone soon when I kick his little super power butt for not listening to his MOTHER!!


Jen in Budapest said...

OMG! Awesome....I MISSSSS HIM. I'll take that little butt on some super power adventures! Bring it on.

Did you see they are trying to move the VW bug??

noel said...

great, get your lil traveling pants home and do that already would ya!!
re: vw, nope i hadn't noticed. i will have to check that out.

laura said...

sorry, but...
I can laugh because he is not MY child:)

Jen in Budapest said...

Other news for you. Sarah Palin is coming to Carson City this Saturday? Are you going to go and hear her speak???

Also, there's a Reno Celtic Celebration
Kilts, highland games, pipe bands, Celtic vendors, and Irish and Scottish dancers are back at Bartley Ranch Regional Park October 4th and 5th. Woo woo.

SeƱor H said...

And in doing so, Isaiah (along with every other super hero child) disproves the law of attraction. If it were true, we would have little super hero children flying and using little super powers all over the place.

Erica said...

how could you not laugh! that is really funny. I've tried covering my laugh with a cough and Morgan just looks at me like what are you doing. I don't know how long I can get away with this :)

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