Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin's Pregnant daughter

I just the find the media so interesting. When talking about Palin's daughter who is young and pregnant they refer to this as though she has some kind of disease, "It is an unfortunate situation that any of us could find ourselves in" "She is handling this situation so graciously for how big of a disappointment it must be".  Just think when that baby is older someday and going over video footage of when Grandma (almost) became Vice President they will wonder, "I thought they said they wanted me?"  Seriously, people put your money where your mouth is and stop talking about this baby like it's a plague or something. 
I feel really bad for Palin's 5 children all of which are now the topic for debate. What a crazy world we live in.
Can I just say though that her names for her children, SO COOL!! hee hee hee.


Trista said...

Almost?........come back to the light....I am waiting for you my friend.....

I agree, it is sad, poor wittle baby. I think that she did a good job representing herself and her family and ALL OF THE HARDWORKING MAMAS OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!! Along with a lot of other people.

I can't sleep, I just watched the RNC.

Jen in Budapest said...

Hmmm, I'm actually looking at Palin's record of what she's done and compared to the rest of the candidates, there's a lot I like about her. Too bad she's not running for Prez.

noel said...

trista- wha choo talkin bout willis? i have seen the light!!
she did do a good job last night, yes i watched. now i must say that if she was running for prez then it would be different but we all know that vp is just wallpaper. they should have pick guilani and her. i love that guy! seriously he would have got my vote over mccain any day.
jen- yep, it is a shame they can't just switch positions cause i like her too. although i didn't care for how many digs she was taking at my boy obama after all week long he was nice to her. tsk, tsk don't those silly republican's know how to play nice :)

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