Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Friends and Sweet Moments

This weekend I had the privilege of being invited to one of the most intimate settings , a wedding of an old friend. This friend actually used to be a very young girl that I would babysit along with her two sisters. I remember these girls being little and running around their house in dress ups and make up or sitting down watching Anne of Green Gables and dreaming as all little girls do of the day when they would be grown up like Anne and have suitors coming their way. That day has come in one of their lives and for me it was a very surreal experience to be a part of. The whole time I just kept thinking how did the time go so fast and I didn't even notice. How did she become so grown up and beautiful and distinguished. She is a wife now. No longer a blond haired blue eyed lil girl, she is a woman now. My mind continued to try and think of the day when I will be seeing my own daughters walk down that aisle. I hardly have a slot in my brain for that but this event did help make a slight space for it. It was a beautiful ceremony that was intimate and sweet. Her husband is priceless and hand picked by her maker for sure. It was truly a beautiful day and restored hope I believe for many including myself. There is nothing like young love to restore hope.


Erica said...

Thinking of my daughter getting married, I have the same feelings as you, Noel. I find those feelings like the anticipation of being pregnant for the first time. Not knowing what it will be like, anxious, scared, but exciting at the same time.

noel said...

i don't really have a slot for it just yet.

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