Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Adult Christmas list(and a lame attempt to sound like a credit card commercial)

Wanted: One Bright Green Kitchen Aid
Cost: 250 to 300 dollars
Knowing that I really only want this because it will look so great on my counter and not really for all the stuff I would make with it - Priceless-
Wanted: One brown and black Pug
Cost: 600 to upwards of 1000 dollars
Knowing that I partly want this dog so that I could make an unrealistic dream of a 9 year old girl come true and partly because it would look so stinking cute with my other 2 adorable dogs- Priceless-
Wanted: Bright beautiful Hollywood Style Porcelain Veneers
Cost: 4000+
Knowing that I really just want these so I won't have to go to the dentist anymore, nor will I have to floss ever again and so then I could finally be counted among all the plastic people out there(a goal in life I believe we all should aspire to attain )- Priceless-

I guess knowing that just because I want something doesn't really mean I need it is what makes this an adult Christmas list versus a Juvenile one and that really is priceless :)


Erica said...

That is priceless! Noel. Another dog?, what the heck go for it :)

Jen in Budapest said...

Are you crazy? Another dog????? You are crazy.

noel said...

Okay both of you ladies need to know this was JOKE!!! i am not as talented a writer as i think because you didn't get that crucial part , that this is a joke!!! don't want any of those things for real.
anyways....well, maybe the kitchen aid.

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