Monday, November 19, 2007

My(long overdue) book review blog

I have recently finished quite a few books that have been on my to-do list for quite a while now.
One that I started many months ago( i think before summer) is , Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by a guy from New York with the last name Scharezo(sp?) This book was so good that I started recommending it to people before I had even finished reading it. It is basically about how often times we forget that our emotions are a very key component to the way that God has formed and fashioned us and although it's not good to live by emotions, it is also not good to ignore them either. We cannot just pass every difficult conversation off by saying, "Just pray about it" sometimes we need to allow for those emotions to be validated and be honest when they haven't gone away. It's about marrying our faith as well as our emotions together in healthy balanced relationship. I give it a ***** 5 star rating out of 5 stars.
The other book I recently finished is one that I heard about on the Oprah show and so for many of you that's all you need to know that you don't want to read this book. It is called, Eat, Pray, Love by a woman whose name I can't remember and it's probably just as well because I wouldn't recommend this book anyways. It is basically about a spiritually starved, very confused woman in her 30's who divorces her husband after 10 years of marriage and decides to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia in an attempt to find herself and her Maker.
She is a very good writer, very good but the contents were filtered with so much confusion and to me sadness that it might leave you depressed afterward if not careful. What I took away was how incredibly grateful I am to my Savoir , for finding me so young so that I didn't have to search the world over for answers only to not really find them at all. It also surprised me of the great lengths that people will go in search of Truth and the enormous lies that are out there in regards to all things spiritual.
I give a ** out of a possible 5 stars only because the book was mostly bones with not meat.
I am now embarking on a new book that I can hardly put down. I only just borrowed it from a friend yesterday and I am almost halfway through it. It is called A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren. It is so good already but I will post on it when I am done.
Other irons in the fire right now, I Promise and also Love is a Choice . These two both deal with relationships and have very good as well. I will post on these later when I am done with them.


Jeni said...

You are bad. If you recommend books, I will probably buy them, and the last thing I need is more books. I don't even have room for the ones I have. :) Missed you yesterday!

noel said...

missed you too jeni- i bet now is a good time for you to catch up on some reading.

laura said...

I was wondering if I could borrow emotionally mature spirituality (did I get it right?) If it is yours to lend out. I am ready for a new book and this one keeps popping up, so I think I should read it!

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