Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New favorite Quote

" JOY means the perfect fulfilment of that for which I was created and regenerated, not the successful doing of a thing. " Oswald Chambers

To me this means that when you are living the life God created YOU to live , therein lies true joy. Not in doing things but in realizing that you are a special , uniquely, gifted, talented person that no one else will ever be like or has ever been like. It is amazing when you stop comparing and start realizing that just being you is all that is required to succeed.


Jen Pell said...

so good Noel, so good....Love it...and love the turtle picture too..

shontell said...

TTOOOTTALLY (say this in your best "Crush" voice :)) This was very short..and deep. My favorite life lessons. The longer ones seem to hurt worse.

noel said...

jen-love that pic too.

shontell-tootally!! i love crush, he has to be one of my all time fav disney characthers. short and deep is good for me too. i think i could trip out on one word in a verse forever. wierd.

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