Thursday, October 26, 2006

A beautiful Fall day

Today has got to be one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen in Nevada. The explosions of color that are happening on every tree around here is amazing. I drive by these trees so much slower just to take it all in. By next week, the trees will mostly all be barren and empty and the weather will get very, very chilly. Right now though , once again I am amazed by The Creator, and how year after beautiful year He produces such awesome beauty for His kids to enjoy. You couldn't paint these colors even if you tried.
I made a carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting, lit candles that smell like fall, and hung out with some beautiful brand new moms while our babies fell asleep in our laps (probably from our non-stop chatter) the leaves fell off the trees right outside my window and I thought, what a gorgoues fall morning. I couldn't ask for better ingredients in life. Good company, Good food, Good scenery, and a very Good God who knows my name and made explosions in the sky just for me.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bagpipes and Airbags

Sol-"Mom, does gramma's car have bagpipes up there?" Pointing to the front of her van on the dashboard.
Sol- "YOU know bagpipes?" This time pointing right at the glove box.
Me-"Oh, no her car doesn't have bagpipes that's why you can sit up here."
Sol-" I like gramma's car and our bus cause dad's bus doesn't have bagpipes either."
Me- In my head thinking , Well sometimes it has bagpipes but only when dad is bringing those pipes somewhere special.
Hee hee hee!!
Please don't tell him the difference.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Life according to Chloe

Apparently being double jointed means much more than I thought. While talking on the phone , my daughter Chloe told her friend Keelin that she is double jointed and this is what it really means; "Yeah, I am talking on the phone and putting on my shoes at the same time cause I am double jointed."
Huh, I guess I missed that one.
Also, last week while she was trying to convince me to sign her up for a tap class that she wanted to take Chloe said, "Look mom this class even pays you money!" while pointing to how much it cost. I wish they paid us money!! My sweet Lo lo. Did I mention that both my girls believe that are betrothed to some wonderful boy who they don't get to know about until they are 18. Please don't tell them otherwise.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Country Music, Me ,and This time of year

I have the compulsion to tell you of yet another wierd trait about myself. Around this time of year, and this time of year only ,I really love to listen to country music. I can give the credit of this quirky trait to my all time treasure friend , Allison. Ever since we were teenagers she used to say that she loved to listen to country music, but only when it is cold outside. At that time in my life I was studying voice, and learning opera songs left and right by a very formal voice teacher who happen to HATE country music, therfore I did! Whenever Allie would mention country songs I had no idea what she was talking about and didn't care to find out until my cousin became a member of the then famous country band, Collin Raye. When they came to Reno I got a free ticket to go see them, and well... needless to say I was not so impressed with the country fans(mostly the girls that where crazy out of control over this guy in a pair of Wranglers)but the music did make an impression. I started to fall in love with the stories that the songs tell. I ventured out, and started listening with my friends advice to listen only when the weather started to get cold . I have been hooked ever since.
I dont' really think about it . I just start to listen the minute the trees turn yellow, or the air becomes cool . Somehow my ears tune in and my fingers just move the station over to the country music that I hear on the radio. I love the fall and when the trees are turning I love to just reflect upon seasons changing always in life. Some things you can just count on. Change and country music are two things that I can count on to cause a point of reflection.
I didn't even realize how this had become a tradition until today when listening to Rascal Flatts on the radio I thought, "Why haven't I heard this great song before? Oh I know, because I don't listen until it's cold outside) Then it dawned on me that this is a very strange trait. Why do I only want to listen when it's cold out. It makes no sense. Is it because that is what was suggested first by a friend who does have a way of persuasion with me and I have a deep respect for Allie ? Is it because in the fall/winter I want to go inside and listen to reflective music that tells a story? Is it because I am only patriotic and therefore a country kind of gal around voting season?
I DON'T really know, but this is a trait that is not going away. I am really enjoying what I have been hearing these past few weeks and when spring rolls around maybe I will keep on listening. Maybe not. Just thought I would share. Any other country music fans out there? Got some suggestions for other great songs that I might have missed out on between spring/summer months?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hunter and the hunted

Last night after I got home from class I noticed that my cat Hunter was planted in front of fridge ,and he wasn't moving. Hmmm..... I thought well, I wonder if he's hungry, (no just kidding )I knew he was on the prowl for something found not inside the fridge, but probably under or behind it. This cat was named appropriately. He was waiting for that nasty rodent to show it's face. I love my cat. He does such a good job of being the hunter that we hired him for. Okay, back to my story. So fastforward to about 3a.m. in the morning. I wake up from a dead sleep to hear the cat shuffling his paws in and around the bookself that is right outside our bedroom door. Ah man, the mouse made its way out of the kitchen, and is now finding a safe retreat right outside my room. I look over to the giant who is sawing logs, totally unaffected by this game of cat and mouse.How can he sleep when the game that is being played out rather loudly I might add is right outside our room?? Well, as any woman knows you can't just go back to sleep knowing there is a nasty rodent near by so I do what any brave woman would do in this situation and I wake the sleeping Giant. I love my husband. He does such a good job of being the protector that I married him for.He wakes up, and gets in on this game of cat and mouse. He ups the anty for Hunter by moving the bookcase out of the way which then provides the mouse the straight path right into my room and under my bed. Can you say , EEEEEKKKK!! If it were not for the fact that it was 3a.m. in the morning and we had 4 sleeping lil ones I would have been screaming. I did scream but under my pillow and then I had to resort to singing. Why, you might ask? Well, because my wonderful cat decided to EAT his tasty morsel right underneath my bed at 3 AM in the morning(well, it was more like 4AM now) and if I didn't keep singing I could hear every crunch. Can you say, EEEEKKKKK!!! SO , because I couldn't be vocal about this while it was happening I am choosing to share this wonderful story with you all. Hope you enjoy it and sweet dreams tonight.
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