Sunday, November 27, 2005

The legal drug

I love coffee, but not as much as some. I know someone who's favorite coffee mug is stained due to the constant drip that never ends. I think that is cool. When I don't have coffee in the morning it makes for a not so perfect morning. I can live without , but I choose not to . I am not really sure why I felt I needed to share this with you all but there it is.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention something strange about coffee and me, it never seems to matter when I drink it. Take for instance right now at 10:30pm this evening I am drinking a wonderful cup of coffee with gingerbread coffemate and a dash of cinnamon and when I go to bed in a few minutes it won't bother me a bit. I won't be kept up due to the caffiene. I don't really know if that is a bad thing or not or why exactly that happens to me but I am glad I can drink it anytime,anywhere, and that it is something in life that makes me happy. Have you other coffee drinkers ever noticed how happy you are when you make a really good cup of coffee?? Is this just yet another thing in the simple life of Noel that is a true joy or are there others of you out there??


georgia said...

It does keep me awake.

And I don't indulge very often.

But when I do, my favorite is a Starbucks mocha. With anything sweet on the side.

JayBird said...

me & mindy really enjoy starbucks mocha as well- it's our favorite.

my all time favorite coffee is the type you drink w/ a cigarette. you take the coffee & cigarette outside when it's really cold/crisp outside & puff away.

anyway- noel: coffee has been good to me over the years. i started drinking coffee in my single digits & would dip a piece of toast w/ jelly on it into my coffee. now that's good stuff!

JayBird said...

i forgot a couple a.k.a's:
Christian crack
Jesus juice (dennis)

TPluckyT said...

I share your love for coffee. I drink it black at home, but love double shot mochas too. Unfortunately if I even look at caffeine after lunch I can't sleep at night. Even the caffeine in chocolate ice cream keeps me awake these days. Alas and alack, the problems with getting old.

Jeni said...

I really can drink coffee anytime and anywhere, also. My favorite recently has become a Starbucks white mocha valencia with an extra pump of orange...

noel said...

oooh jeni that sounds good!!

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