Saturday, November 19, 2005

Church Service at the Scofields

Ok let me just set up the scenario for you . First they worshiped as all good church services do. Emma on pink guitar, Chloe lead singer, and Sol singin backup(me and zay in the other room pretending not to notice) They lead karoke style with the radio in the backround while they rocked out to "More love, More power, More of you in my life" They were all standing up on the fireplace like a stage and then when worship was over Em took the lead (as she always does)
Chloe and Sol took seats in front of the fireplace stage, and promply pulled out their bibles ready to learn. Emma began with a good welcome, and then started to read out of the bible, when suddenly Chloe's cell phone rang and the service was interupted.
Who needs Saturday morning cartoons when ya got this kind of entertainment!!!


David said...

Allie and I used to do the same thing, but without the preaching (she was just too hard-headed, and I felt like I'd be fighting a losing battle).

We also sang along with the the soundtrack from "The Muppet Movie," but then she taped over it with her own voice.

I think I'm gonna pucnh her in the back of the head when I see her this week.

themoses said...
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noel said...

give her a punch for me too. no fair i want to go have turkey at the munnerlyn's. save all the kid stories of course. you might just have to start bloggin again with all the material you will come home with.

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