Wednesday, September 07, 2005

They're baaackk!!!

Yes , the burning man people have returned and quite dusty I might add. They actually have been trickling in this whole week and the returned product is more fun to watch then when they left.
So, my interest has been peeked. I checked out the website and low and behold you can actually bring children to this event. They have a whole section on how to make this into a fun, family trip. Whooaaa!!! I am really, really a bit perplexed and lil concerned now.
I thought about walking down there today and passing out tickets to the car wash but then I thought I better save those for myself cause they were given to ME from a very thoughtful friend, and my car that is lookin pretty shabby again should really be the benefactor of those.
Anyhew, I discovered from thier own advertisement on the back of one of the RV's that my nieghbors house is officially known as the Black Rock Sage Burning Man Hostile. Hmmm....and again I say Hmmmm.....
Does this mean that they might be there for months to come. COOL!! I am enjoying the free entertainment and who knows maybe I will get to figure out what all the hype is about from them.
I am trying to think of way to start up a conversation but then again maybe not. Dunno if I am brave or trained enough for this social event.
Any ideas???


noel said...

Oh yeah, my very funny friend Rebecca if she were a blogger would write "Hey you took a recent photo of my family"

frad-ster said...

When I first looked at the picture I though it was of the Germany peoeple that came back and was like "who's that indecent lady in the front row with so much leg showing?" The I read and found out it was the burning man people...I laughed at myself...

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